Cage Of Beauty 15 July 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 19


The episode started with Ashu saying ma make kheer, I will go and pray. Ashu said bad days are over, everything will be fine. He had a chunri in hand, the light went off and Mayura turned it back on. When she came back Megha was wearing a torn chunri. Ashu said what is this? She said Mayura got her prince charming and I got that servant? Mayura took that red chunri and I got this torn cloth. Mayura said Sanjay is Omkar’s brother and Omkar touches his feet. Megha said he is a servant,he opens doors for them. Ashu said don’t think so negatively. Megha said you made Omkar do all this right? and shoved Mayura.

Piyush said everything will be ready, said I would have given the day to my Mayura and me only but that Megha has a habit of ruining everything, anyway I only care about my Mayura. Mayura said try to understand her heart, don’t do this acting or become an actor. Ashu said it’s Kundan’s mistake, not Mayura’s. It’s society, we felt your pain, we aren’t letting you go, we were thinking you will be with your sister. You can say no to the wedding if you’re not happy, I won’t let you ruin your sister’s life, tell me your decision. Megha said I will marry. Ashu said go, He said ma got their hands full of mehndi, the wedding is tomorrow.

Ashu said I am done with her bitterness, Megha your life was ruined by Kundan and this society, Mayura has no fault in it.

Mayura said di, please forgive me, I am sorry. Megha said think about yourself not me and showed her a golden cage. Mayura then looked at it. She said because of you I have been caged all my life, my curse will follow you. You and your beauty will be caged forever and Mayura looked at the cage. Ashu was upset and said I know Megha’s pain, I hated society more than her, she is my daughter, I care for her. He cried and Surekha hugged him. He said how can I see my daughter taking a wrong decision. What will happen? Surekha said they are wise, they will manage. Our daughters won’t disappoint us,they will take care of themselves. They will leave this house forever tomorrow,it had to happen one day.

Mayura saw the shadow of the cage in the mirror. She saw herself in it and cried. Omkar called her but she couldn’t speak. Mayura said why has God made her life so difficult, why are people so after physical beauty, I am getting married tomorrow to a man like Omkar, I want to be happy but I can’t separate myself from my sister’s pain when my face is responsible for her pain and Omkar came there. Mayura said you. Omkar hugged her and caresses her face.

Piyush was downstairs. Megha looked at them as well and went inside in anger. Omkar hugged Mayura,he moved close to her and kissed her face. Mayura said I am fine, you come tomorrow as a groom and then come close to me. He smiled and was about to kiss her but she run, Omkar said I had to always make you mine, I waited so long for this day.

Mayura said I miss him. First I asked him to leave and now I miss him. Omakr’s goons called him and said Kundan ran again. Omkar said no one can come between me and my Mayura.

Manjali burnt the papers and said Omkar’s truth should never come in front of Mayura. Omkar and Mayura got married. Omkar said I will never break your trust.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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