Omkar Falls At Mayura’s Feet. Cage Of Beauty 15 November 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 171


The Episode started with Omkar talking to the NGO women in Vishaka’s house and asked them to hand over his daughter to him. Mayura came there and greeted them calling herself Maya. Omkar said she is Mayura and asked them to ask her to return his daughter. Mayura said which daughter. Omkar told the ladies, you saw her. Mayura asked if something happened to him, any trauma…?

The lady told him that your wife’s face resembles her, but she was different and had a scar on her face. Mayura said so you are Omkar ji, whose contract we got and my pic was posted on the cover page rather than you in the magazine. She asked if he is taking revenge from her asked why? Omkar said because I have separated Tara from you. He told the NGO women that the scar can be removed and asked them to see that she is Mayura.

Mayura asked what is he saying? The NGO woman said he feels that you are Mayura and has kidnapped his daughter. Mayura said I am not Mayura but Maya, you have a misunderstanding, you can check my IDs and Vishaka showed Maya’s ID proofs. The Inspector and the NGO women checked. The Inspector said you have a misunderstanding. Mayura said it seems my face resembles his wife.

Omkar took a water glass in his hand and splashed the water on Mayura but she moved and the water fell on the NGO woman. Omkar said she has moved as her scar will appear. Mayura said what do you think that you will throw water on me and I will stand as a statue. Vishaka made Omkar fall down at Mayura’s feet. Mayura asked if he is hurt and asked him to get habitual with falling at her feet.

Omkar said that he has Mayura’s stuff and that they shall get a DNA test done. Mayura said I am showing my sympathy and you are not ending. She told the inspector that she can’t give any more proofs. The Inspector asked Omkar to come, Omkar run to Mayura and held her hand. Mayura threw juice on his face and warned him not to harm him. She said I am human and not your personal property and asked him to get out.

Vishaka and Mayura laughed lying down on the bed and got up. Vishaka said Omkar’s face was upset. Mayura said I was worried when Omkar talked about DNA test and said that she has fight back. Vishaka asked Mayura to go and meet Tara. Mayura thinks of Omkar saying that Tara will never call her mother and said that the scar has become her identity.

Vishaka asked her to go and meet Tara, she will send her guards to see if someone is following her. Mayura said your Mamma is coming to meet you and asked Vishaka if the work is done. Akhilesh and Dadi received gifts from someone. Mayura sent a video to them, informing them that she has become Maya until she takes revenge from Omkar and asked them to delete the video after watching. They then saw Mayura’s photo frame.

Omkar thinks of how to defeat Mayura. Megha came there and told him that she can help him defeat Mayura but Omkar asked her to go. Megha said only a sister can reveal other sister’s secrets. Omkar asked her to stop and asked what you can do. Megha said I can do so much but you have to help me and Omkar agreed. Megha told him that she will drown Mayura’s lanka…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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