Mayura Vows Revenge On Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 16 August 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 56



The episode started with Mayura looking at herself in the room,she then screamed and cried. Ashu, Surekha and Sanjay knocked on the door. Ashu said please open the door and Megha stood there in shock. Mayura was crying inside, Sanjay said, should we go Megha or is there something left?

Ashu said take her from here, take her away from our life and Mayura’s, we are sorry that we got you married to such a girl, forgive us, take her from here, she’s dead for us.

Mayura cried and said I hate you Omkar and broke things. Ashu said you need medicine, this wound is deep and Mayura said these wounds won’t ever heal now.

Piyush said to Omkar, you are not a man, your manliness is shallow, you showed your reality but giving this wound to Mayura, you are not a man. Omkar shouted bachay.. Piyush said you can kill me, I will stand with Mayura. Omkar said will you go against me?

He said I will go with Mayura, I will go against you, I am disgusted by you, you are nothing to me from today, I am not a fake man like you. I am going to help my friend, I am leaving you. I put you on my shoes today, do what you can.

Omkar said this means you had feelings for my wife, your silence validates my doubts. Piyush said you don’t have the worth to judge anyone. Husband? You are not even a man and he spits. Omkar said get out of my house, Piyush left and Omkar shouted.

Dadi and Surekha cried and Dadi said please open it, please open the door. Surekha said everything will be fine, we have to go to the doctor, please you need treatment and Mayura tore their photos.

Omkar placed a cross on Mayura’s photos and said beauty that couldn’t be mine, I took it from you as well, I will ruin your life.

Smoke was coming out of Mayura’s room and Surekha asked, what are you doing? Please open the door. What is happening? What are you doing? Mayura was burning her photos and she sat screaming. Piyush came and asked, where is Mayura? What happened to her?

He said Mayura open the door and he broke the door. Mayura was sitting next to the fire and crying and Piyush looked at her. Mayura said why did this happen to me,Surekha hugged her and she screamed. Surekha said we are all with you, come with me, please. Piyush sat next to Mayura and he said no Mayura. Ashu said I will never forgive this Omkar.

Piyush made Mayura sit on the bed and he gave her water. He tried to take her hand off her face but she Mayura said no Piyush. Surekha said you won’t be able to see her face. Piyush said you have to take medicine, we can’t leave this wound. Mayura said no, please.

He said please Mayura, Mayura took her hand off her face and said see, this is the face. Piyush said it’s okay, I have to apply this medicine to this wound so it doesn’t get infected, it will hurt a little but I know you are strong, you will bear it.

He said aunty please bring milk and he applied the cream to her face. He said drink this milk, you will feel better, we have to go to the doctor tomorrow.

Piyush dressed Mayura’s wound and placed bandage on her face. Mayura asked, why did Omkar do this to me? What was my fault? Piyush said he will pay a price, Justice will be served? Will you punish him? I am with you.

He said if you need support I will stand behind you, if you need protection, I will stand in front of you. I will be with you till my last breath. Mayura hugged him and said thank you Piyush. Ashu said Omkar should be ashamed to call himself a man.

A man understands someone’s pain, Piyush is a real man and a real friend. Piyush said time to rest now and he helped Mayura lay on the bed and covered her with blanket. Piyush caressed her face, she fell asleep and Piyush left

Piyush came out and crying and sobbing and Ashu hugged him. Piyush said all this happened because of me, I made Mayura fall for Omkar. Ashu said it wasn’t your mistake, you are Mayura’s friend. She needed support, what else can I do? We can never understand what a girl goes through?

We can’t even feel it. How do we tell her it will be alright? I am angry I couldn’t even understand that Omkar. I lived so close to him and couldn’t see his reality. Ashu said your intentions were clean, you are a nice person that’s why you couldn’t see the evil in him, It’s neither yours nor Mayura’s fault, even if he has all the power, we have all the strength,we will take justice.

The next morning, Mayura wokre up while she had a dream of being locked in the cage,she woke up in fear. She saw the mirror, screamed and hid her face. Piyush said you don’t need to hide your face,Omkar should. Mayura said it’s easy to say, no one knows what I am going through.

Piyush said I know, I can’t claim to understand it But I want you to understand that you have my support. We have to go to the doctor right now. Mayura said I want to be alone. Piyush said but a doctor.

Mayura said please, I want to be alone. Piyush said I know no one can understand your pain more than you, Omkar couldn’t take your freedom, your beauty is still with you, It never mattered to you, If you stay locked in this room and get scared.

you are letting him and take what you always was proud of. Your confidence, your self-belief, freedom, soul, and nature. You can’t let Omkar take the Mayura behind this face, If you stay locked here, Omkar will win. I am sure you won’t let that happen.

Omkar was doing arti and Shankar said, Devi maa will accept your prayers when you do atrocities on her women? Piyush said come out of this room Mayura, come with me to your family, to the doctor and then to the police.