Megha Kidnaps Tara. Cage Of Beauty 16 November 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 173


The Episode started with Vishaka asking Mayura to tell how they enjoyed? Mayura said she met her daughter and felt like she is meeting her for the first time after many years. Megha came to Akansha and gave her juice, after which the later fainted. Megha came inside Tara’s room. Mayura was also coming there. Megha said mummy and Papa’s love is not enough for you, you need Maasi’s love.

Mayura came there and found Tara missing and Akansha unconscious on the floor and shouted Tara. Vishaka said who has taken Tara out from this house. Mayura doubted the maid and understood she was Megha. She told Vishaka that she knows who has taken her daughter. She called Akhilesh and asked where is Megha di? Akhilesh asked why are you asking? He said Megha is missing. Mayura said why does she do this with me and told him that she came here as a servant and kidnapped Tara.

She is again with Omkar and said that she will not forgive her. Vishaka called Akansha and scolded her for hiring the maid without identification. Mayura said I have to go somewhere to search for my daughter. Omkar talked to Megha. Megha told him that she will take care of Tara being her Maasi and asked him to take care of her bank balance. Mayura came to Omkar’s house with the Police and accused Omkar of kidnapping Tara. Omkar said you have kidnapped my daughter and blaming me.

She asked the Inspector to search for her daughter and theInspector went to search the house. Omkar asked how many faces does she have and told her the game will be heavy on her. Mayura said time will tell, you made my sister against me, but can’t snatch my Tara from me. Omkar then called DIG. Megha was happy and listened to a song. Tara woke up and asked Megha who is she? Megha said she is her Mamma’s sister. Tara said I want to go to Mamma. Megha asked her to talk to her Papa first.

She called him but Omkar rejected her calls as Mayura was standing in front of him. Tara insisted to go to her mamma. Megha said your Papa will come and take you, till then I will dance. Tara said I want my Mamma and asked her to call her. Megha called Omkar again. The Inspector told Mayura that Tara is not here.

Mayura asked did you check properly. Omkar said Police is doubting a respected man due to kidnapper’s complaint. DIG called the Inspector and he left. Omkar told Mayura that he has called DIG, now the Police will keep eye on her. He said you have forgotten that the real player is me, Maya is the fake mask but Omkar is the flood which will take Tara away and you can’t do anything.

Megha brought snacks for Tara and said she will feed her. Tara thinks she must be a witch aunty and said she didn’t brush her teeth. Megha went to bring brush and when she returned, she found Tara out of room. Tara locked the room and said she will not open. Megha asked her to open the door but Tara run away from there. Omkar then called Megha. Megha found her phone at the other side of door and said open the door. Omkar thinks to go himself and check.

Mayura came home. Vishaka asked did you get to know anything. Mayura cried and said Omkar has snatched my daughter. Vishaka asked her not to lose hope and said we will search for Tara. I have sent all the security to search for her. She asked her to trust God and Mayura looked at the idol. Omkar came to the hotel and opened the room.

He asked Megha, why her phone was outside. Megha said Tara locked me in the room and escaped. Omkar asked if she is not feeling ashamed to say this, a little girl fooled you and escaped, I don’t know if I should be happy for Tara’s smartness or upset over your foolishness and called the guards to search for Tara.

Mayura got a call from Tara. Tara said that she is calling from an aunty’s number. The lady told her that the girl lost her way and told her the location. Mayura’s phone got switched off. She reached there and met the lady. She asked where is Tara? The lady said Tara called her father, as your phone was off and Mayura was shocked.

Precap: Tara screamed mumma from the car. Omkar waved at Mayura and drove away and Mayura run after the car…Read more

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