Mayura D!es Saving Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 16 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 97


The Episode started with Omkar and Mayura hanging on to a tree after falling down the cliff. Omkar told Mayura that she has always saved him, this time he will save her. Manjali cried and prayed to God. Omkar said nothing will happen to you Mayura. Mayura was about to fall in the cliff but Omkar held her hand…He said hold my hand, I will not let you fall. The Police got to the forest and were looking for Omkar. Omkar and Mayura looked at each other and Omkar said Mayura, keep holding my hand, nothing will happen to you.

Mayura said I want to tell you something. Omkar said we will talk later, but right now continue holding my hand. Mayura asked him to promise her that he will become a good person and will never do the same thing which he did with her to anyone. Omkar said we will talk about that later.

Mayura said if we don’t talk now, then can’t talk later and asked him to promise her that he will become the Omkar, whom she had loved. Omkar asked her not to talk. Mayura said you marked my face and our relation, she said she always wanted him to repent for his doings and do penance and still asked him to promise her that he will not do anything wrong. Omkar said we will talk about it later.

Mayura told Omkar that she is forgiving him for whatever he has done, with the hope that he will become a good person after she goes. Omkar said I can’t lose you Mayura. Mayura said no Omkar, I have to live your hand, if I don’t leave your hand, then we both will die, it is better for me to die for you. Omkar said don’t leave my hand.

The tree branch was about to fall. Mayura asked him to take care and said I hope that you won’t let my death go to waste, your life will be big and you will get my life and age too…..Omkar said no. Mayura asked him to leave her hand. Omkar said nothing will happen to you as long as I am here.

Mayura asked him to take care and left his hand, he shouted Mayura and saw her falling down in the cliff. He cried and recalled her words that she will prove her innocence even if she has to die to save him. He recalled all her last words and found her missing in the valley…He shouted Mayura….

Manjali said that there is no news of Omkar till now. Aishwarya thinks, make arrangements for your son’s death, I have ordered widowed designer saree, when Omkar’s death news come. Just then the Police brought Omkar there, Omkar was lost and shocked. Manjali asked what happened to you. Aishwarya thinks, he should have come dead. Manjali asked him to sit and asked what happened to you? The Inspector said he had fallen from the cliff and was hanging onto a tree, we got there in time and saved him. Manjali asked him to tell them what happened?

The Inspector said, we even tried to ask him but he is not responding. Shankar asked the Inspector about Mayura. Manjali said, this all has happened because of her. Shankar said she is not responsible. The Inspector said, if she was with him, then she would have fallen in the river and died, or some animal must have eaten her. Aishwarya thinks Mayura died but saved Omkar.

Shankar cried and said my daughter…. Manjali said, it is good that she died, we got rid of the bad woman and she got punished for her sins. Omkar fainted and fell down off the sofa. Shankar cried and thinks Mayura lost her life for Omkar. Manjali asked Aishwarya to massage Omkar’s feet. Aishwarya said ok and pretended to massage his feet. Manjali saw chunari in his hand and said he held it tightly. Aishwarya said it is Mayura’s chunari. Manjali said she is not leaving my son even after her death.

Aishwarya said she is not understanding how and what have happened? The Inspector searched for Mayura and said she must have died, the case is closed and they left. The Doctor gave injection to Omkar and Bali went to drop him. Manjali said Mayura has died, now her everything has to die. She brought a scissor to cut the chunari. Omkar was thinking of Mayura in his dream.

Mayura said she has gone far from him. Omkar said I won’t let you go far from me, Mayura said you can’t get me and she run away. Omkar gained consciousness shouting Mayura’s name and called Bali. He said my Mayura fell in the valley, I want to search for her, I will not listen to anyone, I will go and search for her.

Shankar said nobody can be saved after falling down. Aishwarya tried to stop Omkar but he pushed her and said I know who you are,I will talk to you later. Manjali tried to stop Omkar but Omkar said I will bring Mayura. Shankar slapped him and said what you will do by going there, she is dead now, whatever happened there, is known to you and Mayura, she fell in the lap of Narmada lap. Omkar said Mayura is not dead, nothing can happen to her and cried,what happened Papa?

I got saved, I would have died but Mayura saved me and she herself died, I was holding her hand, but she left my hand, she forgave me while going and I couldn’t apologize to her also, I have to apologize to her and hits his head on the wall. He said nothing can happen to my Mayura and cried, I will bring my Mayura and was still crying.

Omkar said from today, Old Omkar is dead and new Omkar will be born, just as Mayura wanted. Mayura was seen unconscious at the bank of the river…Read more

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