Omkar Finally Repents. Cage Of Beauty 16 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 98


The Episode started with Omkar thinking of Mayura after falling down on the ground. Shankar and Manjiri were tensed. Aishwarya thinks mad guy, pushed me hard, even now her hand is paining her. Manjali said my son couldn’t sleep all night and haven’t taken even his medicine,i don’t know what has happened to him. Shankar said he fell in love with Mayura for real now, Manjali said you always speak bad. Omkar went out of the house, although Manjali tried to stop him.

He came to the Pandit ji and said he wants to do pind daan of Sangemarmar sartaj Omkar. Manjali asked what are you saying? Omkar said when old Sartaj dies, then new Omkar will be born. Manjali asked what are you saying and said that girl was inauspicious to you and, forget her. Omkar asked why must I forget her, she saved my life and forgave me, though I didn’t apologize to her.

He said don’t tell that she was nothing to me, she was everything to me, I took lot of time to understand this and that’s why I lost her. He said snatching is not love, I couldn’t find the difference between right and wrong, Mayura was right at every moment, and I was wrong, I couldn’t see her goodness behind her face, first I was mad about her beauty, then I made the scar on her face, then hate her.

I didn’t only scarred her face but broke her trust and love, she saved me and asked me to promise that I shall become a good person, whom she loved and she died for such cheap man like me, I couldn’t even apologize to her, I hate myself. I will become the person, the way Mayura wanted. Now I will become Mayura’s Omkar. He took the pot in his hand and did his pind daan. He said old Sangemarmar sartaj will die and new Omkar will be born, just like Mayura wanted. He broke the pot and everyone became shocked.

Omkar said Mayura…old Omkar is dead and now new Omkar is born like you hope for. Shankar asked Omkar to do Mayura’s pind daan too. Omkar said how her pind daan can happen? He said I held her captive in the jungle and Mata Rani saved her. when I scarred her face, her courage didn’t get less, she came to take revenge from me, nothing would have happen to Mayura, she is Narmada’s mother, daughter, nothing can happen to her.

He said I have seen her face in the water and I am sure that she is alive,I will search for her, if Omkar’s heart is beating then Mayura’s heart beat must be beating too. Mayura was shown unconscious on the bank of the river. Omkar prayed to Narmada river to return his Mayura and send someone who can take care of her and don’t let anything happen to her. A guy came to the shore of the river and looked at Mayura. Omkar was also praying.

Omkar was sleeping and imagined Mayura waking him up from the sleep and he pulled her to bed. She smiled looking at him and gave him a flying kiss. Omkar smiled looking at her and run after her….It turned out to be a dream. He got up from sleep and hugged her dupatta.

After some months, Omkar got ready and wore a suit. He got a call and asked the person if Mayura was found. The guy said not yet. Omkar asked him to call him every hour. The guy said ji sartaj ji but Omkar asked him to call him just Omkar and looked at Mayura’s picture on his mobile phone. He said even if the world said that you are dead, my heart says you are alive, you are far from me, but still there. He asked Narmada maiyya to make Omkar and Mayura meet and said we will never get separated again.

Omkar lights the diyas and did aarti of the Goddess and imagined Mayura doing aarti with him. He placed the aarti down and Shankar came there. Omkar touched his feet and Shankar blessed him. Omkar apologized to him for his behavior. Shankar asked him not to apologize daily but Omkar said I have misbehaved with you daily and said if I apologize daily then also it is less.

A Doctor told a Nurse that the patient said her name is Mayura, when she was brought in the hospital. She said there is still much time for her recovery, her family hasn’t been traced yet. The Nurse asked about her name and the Doctor said Mayura. Shankar said that, he has problem with the old Omkar, but today he is proud of him. He said if Mayura would have been alive then…Omkar said she is alive and asked him to pray that she is alive.

He said he is getting a hospital opened in Mayura’s name and it will be inaugurated by you. Shankar said ok and said you used to do charity before also. Omkar said I want to apologize to her and this is just a small move for my apology. I want to be like Mayura wanted and said this Omkar is just of Mayura, Shankar then smiled.

Someone called Omkar and said Mayura is found. Omkar said I am coming Mayura and went to the hospital. He was shocked and moved back seeing someone else…Read more

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