Mayura Finds Strength To Defeat Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 17 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 57



The episode started with Omkar doing arti and Shankar came there. He said you and your ma should stop the path of evil, you still have time, otherwise, people like you don’t even get time to repent.

Omkar said I will convince devi maa with my prayers but I will ruin the life of her daughter with my power. Omkar said a wife made her husband sin, she will be punished for it, I am going to give her that.

Piyush said let’s go out of this room. To your family, doctor, and then the police. Mayura had a scarf wrapped around her face and Piyush extended his hand. Mayura held his hand and Mayura came out. There were people protesting outside their house. Send her out.. Send her out..

A man said she has a bad character, Kick her out. She decided our SArataj ji. A women said, she’s a stain on all women. bring her out. Ashu said what are you all saying. A man said she had an affair with her BIL while being Omkar’s wife,this is sin and she ran away with him.

there’s no place for women like her in our neighborhood. Mayura was scared and went inside while the people throw in stones.

Omkar was in his car, Mayura was scared. Omkar said this is just the beginning. You will suffer for what you did to me. Mayura recalled Omkar attacking her and shuts the door. The women said, she has betrayed our sartaj ji, the People said,she misused Omkar’s niceness, we won’t forgive her.

Mayura became scared and hid under the bed. They all said Sartaj ji is like God. Piyush then came inside and Mayura became scared. Piyush said what happened was wrong, but crying won’t solve anything. Mayura cried and said please go away from here, I don’t want to go anywhere, Please go.

Manjali was watching TV, Ashu and Mayura’s family also saw it on TV. Omkar said on TV I tried, I begged Mayura to not leave me, I told her I will start from the beginning but she made up her mind and she fled with my brother Piyush.

We always considered her our family, took care of her, fulfilled all her wishes but you can’t change someone’s intentions. Why did you do this Mayura. What was left in my love?

Surekha said what is this Omkar is doing, he is defaming Mayura in the city, Piyush said you know how low can he stoop. Surekha said what should we do now? Everyone is in his pockets.

Piyush said we have truth and strength,no one can take that from, we don’t need the media or police. We have to give her strength. while then Mayura cried, recalling everything.

Dadi fainted and Mayura came out. Surekha said mummy.. Mayura brougt water while Dadi was about to fall. She threw the water on her face, Mayura said give it to dadi, please have your medicine. Dadi spits it and said what bitter poison did you give to me and Mayura became shocked.

Mayura said what is this? You people were pretending this to get me out of my room? Why are you all not letting me leave? Leave me alone, please. Ashu said we can’t leave you alone. Mayura said I can’t go out and show my face to the world. Does anyone know what am I going through?

Piyush said enough. Surekha said let her speak, Piyush said I will speak and she will listen, stop sympathizing and being mad at yourself. let other people do that. You have to move ahead and get out of this pain.

You have to keep fighting. Mayura said it isn’t that easy, Piyush said, it isn’t easy I know but you have to fight for your life, you can’t fix all this and Ashu nodded. Piyush said you are a doctor right? You know fear is more painful than the bruise itself.

Bruises are treated from the inside, you have to make your heart stronger to treat any bruise. Yes we did drama to bring you out, Just to show the Doctor Mayura is still there, now you have decided, If you want to be depressed Mayura or Doctor Mayura and Mayura went to her room and cried.

Manjali looked at the photos, threw them and said trash. They do not have glowing faces, I want someone beautiful for my soon soon, I want a fairy. I want the most beautiful face in this city for my son.

Manjali said Omkar loved Mayura’s beauty right? I will change the face, he will get another beautiful face. She giggled and said like your beauty died, I will remove all your memories from Omkar’s life.

Mayura cried and kept recalling what had happened. Piyush threw in the letter, it said I want to see the same old confident Doctor Mayura, I won’t let that courage and spark fade away, Mayura got up. She came out and hugged everyone.

Everyone was in tears, Ashu then made jalebis for her and Dadi hugged her. They all ate together, Dadi and Surekha were in tears. Piyush looked at them and smiled. Mayura ate jalebis from their hands and said I will serve people, I will move ahead in life.

Piyush opened the door and everyone gave her thumbs up. Mayura went out and people taunted her. A girl said who is this witch, another girl cried and said I am scared of her, her mom said she might be a kidnapper. Piyush said let’s go from here.

Omkar stopped his car there, his men hold a black cloth between Mayura and him and she was scared. Omkar got out of his car and said told you, the sun outside Sartaj’s house will burn you and your strength. I will make every second of your life a punishment, Just keeping my word.

You are not even able to step out, I heard you are looking for a space for your clinic, you are more idiot than I thought. People don’t want to see your face and you think you will be their doctor? Get tired already. Mayura waa scared and in tears.

Omkar said now your fate is a dark room, that’s what I wrote for you, don’t make a joke out of yourself. Piyush said don’t listen to him,he can’t stand your strength.

Omkar said people can’t stand your face, go home before they start throwing stones at you. Mayura was crying and Piyush said step ahead. Omkar said all ways ahead are shut down by me, you can only step back. Piyush said step ahead Mayura. Mayura recalled Piyush’s words and she stepped forward…Read more