Mayura Shames Omkar As She Opens New Clinic. Cage Of Beauty 17 August 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 58



The episode started with Mayura walking forward. She said the one who is dead to me can’t affect me, the man who is made of evil can’t break me, water makes it’s own way. There are evil men like you and then there are men like Piyush.

Who stands by a woman and make way for them, let’s go Piyush. They sat in a rickshaw and left, the rickshaw spilled dust on Omkar’s face. Mayura then recalled what she told Omkar and said well done Mauyra. Omkar also drove off in anger.

Piyush met his friend and said thanks Akash, thanks for getting me this place. He said I am sorry, I can’t give her space, I can’t mess with Sartaj ji. Piyush said I saved you, he said sorry bhai. Piyush said you people sell your souls for fear. Mayura said in you I have found my true friend, we find out about our friends when we are in trouble, we will do something.

Piyush said I won’t let you do anything Mayura. What will you do now? Mayura and Piyush set up all the meds and Surekha said why are you doing all this? You couldn’t find a place. Dadi said open a clinic here, Mayura said people threw stones here, they won’t come here for treatment. Ashu said then what are you doing? She said trying.

Mayura and Piyush set up their clinic outside the house on the road. Piyush made a board for her, Surekha said, our daughter couldn’t have a good husband but she has an amazing friend. Ashu said see how brave our daughter is.

Omkar’s goons told him that she opened a clinic on the road. A woman said to Mayura, this curse got a lover as well. Ashu said people are so cruel in our society, they call the victim a curse instead of the opressor. Piyush said Mayura I think we should distribute pamphlets, Mayura said, we will tell people,i will treat them for free.

No one took it from Mayura and they threw it on the road. Mayura was picking them and a woman came, she was coughing. Mayura said come sit. I will give you medicine. She saw Mayura’s face and runs away in fear. Ashu said that Omkar will suffer every day.

Omkar came there and his men draw black cloth between them. Mayura kept distributing the pamphlets and the people also kept throwing them away.

Manjali said none of them is as beautiful as I want. A servant came and said my son isn’t well, can I take a day off? She said go from here forever, I don’t want sick people around me.

Omkar said, it’s night and no one even came to take free meds from you. He said let me help you.. Doctor doctor.. can you give me meds? He threw coins there and said your first and last pay as a doctor, I told you, go home to your dark room, that’s your fate that I wrote.

Manjali saw a photo and said wow, I finally found someone beautiful. A wife is a thing, It can be replaced, just needs to be beautiful.

Mayura cried in her room and said today was your day but my day will come soon, I will change my time, I will throw your 11 rupees on your face. Omkar said I won’t let her show her face to anyone.

Mayura was sitting at her clinic, Piyush and everyone came to her. Surekha said I thought she would give up after yesterday. Ashu said she’s our daughter, she will never give up. Omkar asked Bali to video call and show what Mayura is doing.

Mayrua said I know you people don’t want me to treat them but I want to serve them. You will be treated here for free, I topped in my university, tell me your problem. Omkar’s goons came there, the men said, we won’t let you come here, go away from here. Mayura said I only want to save you.

The shopkeepers said, people aren’t coming here because of you, you are a curse. Mayura said where were you all when your sons used to catcall me, you used to taunt me for my beautiful face, why are you here now?

Because my face isn’t beautiful, you people can’t say wrong is wrong, I won’t go anywhere. Omkar’s men said, throw the stuff away. The men started throwing Mayura’s stuff away. Omkar saw the video and said you won’t be able to do anything, you have messed with Sarataj. Mayura then shouted Omkar..

Everyone surprised Mayura on her birthday. Mayura cuts the cake and Piyush said happy birthday. Omkar said today is special, this day calls for celebrations. He then asked Bali to call all his goon friends and they danced inside Mayura’s house…Read more