Cage Of Beauty 18 January 2023, Wednesday Episode 248


The Episode started with DM coming to Mayura and asking what am I hearing? She asked if rebirth is real? Mayura said yes DM, this is the truth and DM asked about Omkar. Mayura said I have seen with my eyes but my heart doesn’t accept and she prayed to Mata Rani to help her Omkar. The goon told the other goon that they shall dispose Omkar’s body. They saw two priests going from there and hid.

The priest checked Omkar and said he was breathing. Omkar’s mother came to Mr. Goswami’s house and said that she will be here until they tell her where her son is? Naina asked Vishaka what is she doing here? Vishaka said she came for work and is leaving now. She said Mr. Goswami, I will see you and tried to leave.

Naina said you came to our house as our well wisher and now you are here, you are surely playing game with us, Omkar was right. Vishaka asked what are you saying, if you have any problem then sort it out and she left. Omkar’s mother asked where is my son? Sachin said we have nothing to do with your son, if he comes here, then I don’t guarantee in what condition he will reach home.

Omkar’s mother said you will be cursed by me, if something happens to him. Mr. Goswami asked them to leave. Naina said if Omkar is not found, then we will go to Police. Mr. Goswami asked them to get out. Sachin asked Mr. Goswami if he got something to do with Omkar. Mr. Goswami said no, you know well, until someone comes in my way, I don’t stop that person.

The priest took out the bullet from Omkar’s back while he was was mentioning Mayura’s name. Mr. Goswami asked Bela to bring Mayura and said this marriage shall happen at the earliest for our business. DM brought Mayura down. Mr. Goswami and Sachin praised her beauty. Mayura sat for the rasam and said do whatever rasam you want, but once my Omkar comes here, he will not leave you.

Vishaka came there with Ishaan, Ishaan asked her to stop mentioning Omkar’s name. Vishaka said I will apply haldi to my would be bahu, she slipped and the haldi plate fell down. Mayura said I will tell you for your GK that it is bad omen for you but it is good omen for me. Bela asked Vishaka to apply their side of haldi to Mayura. Omkar gained consciousness and said that he has to go to Mayura.

Mayura prayed to God and heard Omkar mentioning her name. She got up and the haldi bowl fell down. Mayura said my Omkar has mentioned my name, he is fine, I have to go to him, she then took off her bangles. Mr. Goswami said you can’t go anywhere. Mayura said that she has to go to him and Ishaan held her hand.

Mayura went to the door but Mr. Goswami got the door closed. He asked Bela and DM to take Mayura to her room and said that now direct marriage will happen. Vishaka called the goon and asked if he has dispose Omkar’s body. The goon said no and told her that some people came there. Vishaka scolded him and said that she is not sure that Omkar is dead, she wants to see his dead body and ended the call.

Omkar told Priest that he has to leave. The priest said you can’t go anywhere, you were shot and I bandaged your injury. Omkar said I have to go baba. The priest said ok, we will let you go, i can see in your eyes that you are yearning for something.

Mayura got ready for the marriage. DM said don’t know if Omkar is alive or not. Mayura said she can feel him and knows that he is injured but alive, he will surely come to me. Omkar saw a truck coming to Bhopal and sat in it. DM said they will get your marriage done. Mayura said I will not let this happen and called Pandit ji.

Bela did Ishaan’s aarti. Vishaka asked Mr. Goswami when Pandit ji will come. Mr. Goswami said he will be coming in sometime. Vishaka said ok, she goes to the side and called the goon asking if Omkar’s body is found. The goon said they are searching for his body. Vishaka came back and asked Mr. Goswami about Pandit ji. Sachin called Pandit ji and asked him to come now as the mahurat is now. He said someone called Pandit ji and told him that the mahurat was at night. Ishaan said Mayura must have called Pandit ji.

Vishaka asked Mr. Goswami if he got tight security and said she doesn’t want that guy Omkar to come here. The driver of the truck found the tyre punctured in which Omkar was travelling to get to Bhopal. Pandit ji came there. Vishaka asked Pandit ji to get the bride and grooms rounds and complete the marriage fast. Mr. Goswami said rounds so soon. Vishaka said Mahurat is ending.

Pandit ji asked her to call the bride and Vishaka called Bela. DM brought Mayura downstairs. Pandit ji said that the havan wood is wet and the fire can’t be lighted with it. Mayura recalled putting water on the wood. She asked, how will the marriage happen now. Bela said, I shall get the havan wood of last year. Pandit ji said ok, she then brougt the wood. Pandit ji asked Mayura and Ishaan to make each other wear garland.

Ishan forcibly made Mayura wear the garland. Bela and Vishaka made Mayura wear Ishaan’s wear garland. DM got upset and worried for Mayura. Vishaka asked Pandit ji to start the rituals. Mayura and Ishaan sat for marriage. Mayura said there is still time, stop this marriage, if my Omkar comes here then he will not leave you all.

Mr. Goswami said our men will not leave him. Mayura tried to get up but Ishaan held her hand forcibly. Mayura said you should feel ashamed to do this being my friend. Ishaan said you didn’t leave any option left for me. Pandit ji asked Mayura and Ishaan to stand for the rounds. Mayura said please and closed her eyes. Omkar reached there and beats Mr. Goswami’s security guards.

Mayura sensed his presence and mentioned his name. Just then Omkar entered, Mayura freed her hands and run to hug him. Mr. Goswami shouted Mayura and asked Omkar, how dare he touch his daughter? And asked Omkar to leave his daughter. Mayura said Dad, Omkar said the father who can get his daughter marry for his advantage does not deserved to be called as a father.

Precap: Vishaka placed a knife around Omkar’s mother’s neck and asked him to choose either his mother and friend Naina, or Mayura…Read more

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