Omkar Looses His House & Property. Cage Of Beauty 17 November 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 175


The Episode started with Omkar and Megha coming to the hospital and came to know that Manjari got the trauma when some people barged in the house with the court notice, he was told that Manjari got unconscious. He came to know from his employees that Shankar went to get the medicine. Omkar gave his credit/debit card. He came to the factory and found it seized.

Megha checked the papers and said that the payment has not been done from your company. Omkar said that he always pay the money on time. Megha told him that the Company is sold and whichever company had bought it told that you have done this mistake before too. Omkar said how can they do this. Megha said it is written that your and your family’s bank account is seized and that’s why your Papa couldn’t withdraw the money from ATM and Omkar was shocked.

Megha said that they have to reach haveli, as it might get seized too. Omkar said no, they can’t snatch my haveli from me and they went there. Omkar asked Megha to go to Tara and said that he will get the haveli locked from outside and Megha left. Omkar saw a car coming there, Vishaka and Mayura got down from the car and Omkar looked at her. Mayura walked towards him. Vishaka smiled and looked at Mayura.

Omkar said so you are behind all this and told her that he will settle the scores with her. He asked her not to walk ahead. Vishaka laughed and congratulated Mayura for her new haveli. Omkar checked the papers and asked how dare you? Mayura said you need strength to bear all this. She saw Megha hiding and listening to them. She said I shall thank you, as I reached here due to you.

She said Vishaka’s man took your pic and sent it, I identified it immediately and reached here. She said at least you were helpful to me once. She found Tara’s hand impression on the wall and smiled and said one thing is good….you are religious and got my daughter’s hand impression before I come here, even my hand impressions shall be on the wall.

Vishaka said yes, it is a marvelous haveli and whoever stays here, might be emotionally attached to it, Omkar will feel bad. Mayura said time has come to begin the new chapter of happiness. She colored her hand and left her hand impression on the wall. Vishaka and Mayura smiled, Omkar looked angry. He took the property papers from the file and tears it.

He said these papers deserve to be here on the floor, no matter what, this is my haveli, I bought this haveli from my owner, who used to make me work as a child Laboure and used to torture and beat me, this haveli is my obsession and I won’t let it go from my hands.

Mayura said ok, you love this haveli so much, I will leave it, your factory and everything, just sign on these papers and get your everything back. She asked him not to tear it, as it is written that I will return your everything, but you will have no right on my daughter and you will never contact her. She asked him to sign but Omkar threw the file on the ground.

Shankar called Omkar but he was not picking the call. He called Megha and told her that the hospital authority said that if they don’t pay the bills then they will shift Manjari to the government hospital. Megha said she will make him talk to him later, as they are aware of what’s happening there and she ended the call.

The Doctor came there and Shankar said I will pay the bills soon. The Doctor gave him the bill settlement paper and said it is settled. He thinks Mayura is behind this. Omkar saw Megha going to Tara’s room and thinks she will hide her. Mayura asked Omkar to think and said just as court hearing begins, Tara will be mine. Omkar asked her to stop giving false assurance to herself. Mayura asked him to move and went inside.

Omkar thinks Megha must take Tara from the behind door. Mayura and Vishaka searched Tara. Vishaka asked Omkar where is Tara? Omkar asked her not to interfere between husband and wife. Mayura said what? Wife…and said you didn’t do any duty of a husband. She said Vishaka ji has helped me and can speak. Omkar said nobody helps anyone in this time and you have invested all your money to buy my property.

Vishaka asked where is Megha? Mayura then called Megha. Vishaka’s lady guard brought her there. Mayura asked her to tell where Tara is? Megha said Tara is not with me. Mayura said you said right Vishaka ji, I was feeling guilty that Manjari maa is in the hospital because of me, I paid the bills and they care about anything.

She asked Omkar where is Tara? Omkar said you were never her mother and it is not in your destiny to become a mother. Mayura said I can’t bear to see your face and asked him to get out and Omkar left.

Precap: Omkar told Megha well done for hiding Tara. Megha revealed to Omkar that she went to the room, but Tara wasn’t there and he asked where is she then?…Read more

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