Omkar To Protect Unborn Child. Cage Of Beauty 17 October 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 137


The Episode started with Mayura talking to Surekha and Akhilesh and told them that she spoke to the Doctor and the reports are normal. She saw him talking to the doctors and ended the call. Akhilesh said that Omkar’s excessive care and possessiveness for Mayura makes me think that he will become old Omkar. Surekha said you worry for him more than Omkar. Mayura was talking to the doctors, when they checked the scar on her face and took her a pic.

Mayura asked why they are taking pic of her scar and how it is connected to her pregnancy? They told her that they came to get her surgery done. Mayura asked with whose permission, Omkar then came there. The Doctors said that they can’t do the surgery without her permission and left. Mayura asked Omkar what they were telling her?

Omkar said I have found out everything, it is a minor surgery, your scar will go and the baby will have no problem. Mayura asked why did you lie that you are changed and has no problem with my scar. Omkar told her that nobody is more beautiful than her, and the scar didn’t matter to him. Mayura asked what is going on in his mind as he is thinking about the baby since morning. Omkar told her that the scar is inauspicious for the baby, whenever she sees herself in the mirror.

Devi Agrima/Gurumaa said that she has taken advantage of Omkar’s weakness and fooled him. Mayura said I don’t know that Agrima Devi will do this. Omkar told her that she is Gurumaa and she has warned you, but you didn’t care. He said,i will not let anything happen to my baby.

Mayura said it is my baby too,i will not get surgery done and my scar is not bad for the baby and she left. Omkar called Agrimaa Devi, who asked him to choose between Mayura and the baby. Mayura talked to the baby and told it that she will convince her/his father. She came out to the hall and found the painter painting the glasses black and Omkar also spraying the paint on the mirrors on the wall and on the table.

Mayura asked what is happening here? Omkar said it is your right not to get the surgery done but i can’t get any inauspicious thing happening with his baby. Mayura told him that this is blind faith. Omkar said I am a religious person and believes in Gurumaa, Guru maa said that your scar is injurious to the baby, so it will, I can’t take any more risks, until the baby is born, you will not look in the mirror.

Mayura said if you blacken all the mirrors, then I will see my face somewhere else. She then asked if he will cage her again. He said if I have to do this, then I will have to do this again, nothing can come in between me and the baby. Mayura said I was a fool to come to your talks,you wereq possessive about my beauty and now obsessed with the baby. Omkar said I am worried for our baby and asked don’t i have any right on the baby?

She said she has paid a heavy price for his stubbornness. She said I am suffocating due to your move, I can’t stay here anymore,i I need time to think, sorry, I have to go. Omkar said you can’t go anywhere, you can’t separate me from my baby. Mayura said I will go and will see how you stop me. She went to the room and called Akhilesh.

Akhilesh said I will come and take you. Mayura said I have booked the cab and will come there. Akhilesh told Surekha that a man like Omkar can never change and Surekha prayed for her happiness.

Omkar asked Mayura to listen to him and talk to him. Mayura said what is the use of talking to you and told him that the matter is about shagun and abshagun. Omkar the blocked her way. Mayura said let me go Omkar but Omkar signed no. She was about to go out, when Omkar fell down from the stairs. Mayura run to him and asked how did you fall down. Manjiri and Shankar returned and Manjiri shouted Omi.

The Doctor checked Omkar and said it is good that he didn’t have the head injury. Manjiri asked Mayura, why were you leaving when Omkar is unwell. Mayura said I will not go, until he gets fine. Shankar asked why are the mirrors blacken? Mayura said it is Agrima devi’s orders. Shankar told Omkar that their blind faith is wrong and asked him to keep Mayura happy. Omkar said he has trust in Agrima Devi.

Manjiri asked him to think about Mayura first and said it is your dharm to take care of her. She said I know what a mother goes through in this condition and asked him not to do whatever Mayura don’t like. Mayura smiled seeing Manjiri taking her side.

Omkar apologized to Mayura and asked her to forget whatever he said, he said that he can’t leave without her and their baby and Mayura said even we can’t leave without you. Omkar recalled putting oil on the stairs and falling down, he then thinks, he can go to any limits for his baby.

Precap: Mayura was doing a video call with her family and Dadi fainted. Mayura left the house thinking there might be some problem. Omkar came to Mayura’s house and asked what she was doing there…Read more

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