Vishaka Seeks Revenge On Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 18 November 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 177


The Episode started with Vishaka coming to Omkar’s house and called Mayura. She said I came worriedly after you. Mayura said Papa ji told me that Tara is not with Omkar. Vishaka said and you believed them? She said she wanted to help the ones who help herself but you don’t want to listen. She said you are trusting them here and omkar must have taken Tara away from here.

Shankar asked Mayura to believe her and said Tara is not with omkar. Vishaka got a call and said that her team saw Tara with Omkar. She asked Mayura if she wants to come and see with her own eyes or she wants to trust them. Omkar followed the lady and thinks he will find Tara. Mayura, Vishaka and Shankar reached there and they heard Tara calling Mamma and Papa.

They saw a guy resembling Omkar sitting in the car. Omkar saw Tara in the room through the window and became hopeful. Mayura believed that Omkar took Tara in the car and cried. Vishaka said it is your mistake to believe them. Mayura said it was my mistake to believe Omkar and promised herself not to leave him. She then went after the car. Shankar and Megha also went after her.

Vishaka smiled and thinks she wants Omkar and Mayura to doubt each other and they both ruin each other, just like Omkar and his mother ruined me and my brother. She said I will ruin Omkar for forever. Shankar stopped Mayura.

Vishaka thinks she has cried a lot and she will make Omkar cry, else her name is not Vishaka. Omkar reached the room and called Tara. Vishaka’s lady guard hits on Omkar’s head and he fainted. The lady guard scolded the lady bringing medicine and said he followed you and came here, he is Tara’s father.

Vishaka asked Mayura not to trust Omkar and said he will never get better, I know such persons, it will be your biggest mistake if you trust him. Mayura hugged her and said I can’t tell you, that I feel peaceful with your support, else I would have lost hope to meet Tara.

Vishaka said I found peace by helping you and I am helping myself, by helping you. She got a call and became shocked. Mayura asked what happened, you seem to be tensed. Vishaka said she has to go and attend an important meeting and Mayura offered to come. Vishaka asked her to stay back. Mayura said she will talk to the Police.

Vishaka reached to the place where Omkar was unconscious and asked the lady guard to take Tara away from there, and shall not leave any proofs. She told unconscious Omkar that she will not let him die easily, he shall bend down in front of her and cry. Omkar gained consciousness but doesn’t see her face and he fainted again.

The lady guard told Vishaka that Tara has been made to sit in the car. Vishaka threw the teddy on him and said she won’t let him go empty handed. She got a call from Mayura and left. Omkar gained consciousness and checked his injury. He found the teddy there and thinks Mayura has kidnapped Tara.

Mayura talked to the Inspector and asked him to see what he can do for her. Her dupatta got stuck in the painting frame and tried to free her Pallu,she then found a big box behind the painting and thinks of how to take it out. Vishaka returned home and thinks she shall be with Mayura, as Omkar might call her. Mayura found the trophies and Vishal’s name on it and also his pic. She thinks who is he? Just then the box fell down.

Vishaka came there hearing the noise and asked what is all this? Mayura said she has found these trophies and pictures. She said don’t know whose pic is this. She said this house is for Omkar. Vishaka said this haveli was snatched by Omkar and said he had said that he bought it. Mayura said yes, whoever precious memories were this,i shall keep them safely. Mayura wished to return to it’s owner.

Vishaka said Omkar might not know about this and said the owners couldn’t take this stuff with them. She recalled knocking on the haveli asking Manjari to let her take her stuff. Mayura asked what are you thinking? Vishaka said your phone is ringing. Mayura said I got Pandit ji’s call, as I want to keep puja for Tara. Vishaka asked her to talk.

She looked at Vishal’s pic and said that his sister will take revenge soon. Omkar reached home and told Shankar that Mayura has stoop low and attacked him on his head, when he was about to reach Tara and Shankar was shocked.

Precap: Omkar thinks if both him and Mayura are saying the truth, then there is a third person that’s taking advantage of their fight. He said he must talk to Mayura. He disguised as an old man and tried to talk to Mayura….Read more

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