Mayura About To Give Birth. Cage Of Beauty 18 October 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 139


The Episode started with Mayura’s baby shower/godh bharayi beginning, Omkar brought mayura to the hall,Manjiri blessed Omkar and hugged him. Agrima Devi said my blessings are with you. Omkar touched her feet and Agrima Devi blessed him. Mayura took her blessings and Agrima Devi said that the baby shall be lovely. Mayura asked her to bless the baby to be healthy. Agrima Devi said why not? She then blessed Mayura.

Mayura asked Omkar if he was the one who called Agrima Devi there. He said it was Maa who called her. He said that something precious is lost. Mayura asked what? Omkar said your smile. Mayura smiled and said my family is coming today, I am very happy. Omkar asked her to sit until the guests arrive and Mayura sat.

Akhilesh, Surekha and Dadi got ready to go to to godh bharayi rasam. Surekha got the message and asked Akhilesh to bring the fruits. Dadi said we will get it on our way. Akhilesh said I will bring it and Omkar came there. Surekha asked why did you message me to send him out. Omkar said papa ji wouldn’t have agreed for this and told them that today is Mayura’s godh bharayi, and the girl’s family shall light the lamp in the temple for the baby and her.

Dadi said before we return, the function will be over. Surekha said we will surely go there and Omkar went away from there. Manjiri was about to do the rasam of Mayura, Mayura said Omkar and her family are not here. Manjiri said you and your baby are here, we shall do the rasam. She did her tilak and gave coconut in her lap. All the guests give her gifts. Mayura got the message that they can’t come now and that they have to go to the temple for her baby.

Surekha told Akhilesh that Dadi’s sister has asked them to go to the temple and pray for the baby. Akhilesh said what if Mayura feels bad? Surekha said she has messaged her. Omkar came and danced with Mayura. Manjiri asked Omkar about her family and Omkar said they will not come. Just then Mayura saw her family coming there. Mayura went to them and said I thought you will not come. Akhilesh said how, can’t we come for the function.

Dadi said even your friend came here. Nisha came there and wished her happy godh bharayi and Omkar became shocked. Akhilesh recalled trying to call Mausi, but Surekha stopped him. He asked her to tell the truth. Surekha said Omkar stopped them. Akhilesh told Omkar that, you stopped us from meeting her for many months and now you stopped us from coming here. Manjiri asked Mayura’s family to make her have kheer with silver spoon in the silver bowl.

Surekha made her taste first. Akhilesh was about to make her taste the kheer, when Omkar came there and threw the spoon away. He asked, how dare you make such a big mistake, you were about to make her have kheer with steel spoon. Mayura got up and asked how dare you to shout at my Papa, he didn’t do the mistake intentionally. She said I thought you got over the blind faith, but I was wrong, you are still blinded and lied to me for so many days. Omkar said this is rasam and not blind faith.

Dadi said Omkar is right. Mayura said he would have talked calmly. Shankar asked Omkar to apologize to his sasur ji. Mayura told him that she will not stay with such a husband and family who are under the influence of blind faith. Surekha asked her to calm down, Manjiri asked her to calm down. Mayura asked her not to act good with her and told her that her hatred was far better.

She said you are captivated by the fake Gurumaa’s blind and she is fooling you both, why don’t you understand. Guru maa said this girl has insulted me, who don’t have any understanding about nakshatra. Mayura said your nakshaktras are bad and I will prove this. She then took a knife and Omkar asked her to put it down. Akhilesh asked her to leave it. Mayura said she will leave the house. Omkar called the Doctor and told Mayura that her breath is breaking.

Mayura asked Omkar to go far from her, she doesn’t want to stay with him and doesn’t want to see his face and she cried. Mayura said you all have betrayed me, Omkar asked her to calm down. Manjiri called the Doctor, the Doctor checked her and told them that the labour pain started before time, she will give birth, She said we have to take her to hospital fast.

Omkar asked the driver to take out the car fast. Agrima Devi said I told you that Mayura shouldn’t go out of the house before the child is born. Mayura said my baby’s life is at risk and you want to risk my baby. Omkar said at home. Agrima Devi said get the Doctor and deliver the baby at home.

Omkar said that Mayura will deliver the baby at home. Manjiri asked Akhilesh and Surekha to leave their bahu. Akhilesh said I will not let you play with Mayura and the baby’s lives. Omkar said I will handle everything, you should go home.

Mayura delivered the baby. Omkar took the baby and told her that she should not be seen around the baby…Read more

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