Mayura Fights For Her Life. Cage Of Beauty 19 August 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 61



The episode started with Megha asking Sanjay, did Mayura die? He responded, do you have any shame? You did all this to her, I won’t leave you for even a second, I am here to keep an eye on you or to handle if you plan something, you are no less evil than Omkar.

Omkar was doing a tap and Manjali asked what are you doing? What happened to Mayura? He said I want to keep her alive so I can make her life hell.

Mayura opened her eyes and the doctors said, let her rest. Omkar then came back. Mayura said am here? What happened? Why are you looking at me like this? What did Omkar do? Ashu said don’t worry, you rest. Piyush told Mayura what Omkar said.

Ashu said don’t be angry. She said Omkar has no shame. Omkar said Mayura has to get up for me, he came into Mayura’s room and Mayura pretended to be unconscious while everyone was sitting silently. Piyush saw him coming and he left. Mayura said we have to do something.

Omkar asked Balli to seal the hospital and asked the doctor to tell him the truth. Mayura said we won’t give up and Ashu said to Mayura, you have to go away from here,we were going to lose you, go away from here, you have to do it for me.

Omkar said Balli keep an eye here, no one should come or go from here. Mayura cried and said why should I live away from you people because of Omkar. Surekha said he’s right, you have to go. Mayura said I won’t go. Surekha said this is the only way.

Mayura hugged her and said don’t keep me away from you. What will I be left with? You poeple are my strength. What if something happens to you? Ashu said we are parents. You won’t understand what we go through when we see you suffer, our happiness is in your safety.

He said Piyush take her from here,we only trust you, keep this money, this is my friend in Banglore, you will be safe there.

Omkar said Mayura should be conscious by now. Ashu made Mayura and Piyush leave and they went out. Omkar looked around. Surekha said protect them God. Mayura and Piyush went out disguised as doctors and Omkar stopped them.

Piyush and Mayura stopped but Omkar wend to another dotor instead. He said take off your mask, she did and It was doctor. He asked when will Mayura be conscious? She said I didn’t go to her ward. Omkar said go and check while then Mayura and Piyush sneaked out.

Mayura and Piyush were outside and they started running but Mayura stopped all of a sudden. Piyush said what happened? Mayura said am I doing right? Piyush said we don’t have time to think, let’s go. Omkar came out as well and said Mayura and Piyush aren’t in the hospital, I will see how far can they run.

Mayura and Piyush came to the road and Piyush stopped cars for lift. Mayura recalled Omkar saying you know I can criss any limit. Omkar asked Balli to bring them. She recalled Surekha, Dadi and Ashu celebrating their birthday. Mayura said I can’t be so selfish, I can’t leave my family here I won’t go.

Piyush stopped a car and said, Mayura a car is here, get in. Mayura said I can’t leave my family alone, I can’t be so selfish. What if Omkar does anything? What will I do? He said let’s get somewhere safe, we will bring them there as well.

Mayura said I can’t be so selfish, I won’t be able to live if something happens to them and she went back. Piyush said listen, please think about it. Mayura said they are family, I am worried for them, I should be with them.

Omkar saw their footsteps and said you will come back through the same way.

Omkar said you decided to go away from me? What if I could harm your family? Let’s kill your papa? He then placed a gun on Ashu’s head and Mayura screamed no…Read more