Mayura’s Father In Danger. Cage Of Beauty 19 August 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 62



The episode started with Mayura coming back. Ashu asked why did you come back? Omkar said I knew she will come back, I told my men not to chase her, she will come back on her own and she did. Why do you do all these things that risk your family’s lives?

Mayura said no, please. Omkar said let’s kill your dad and Mayura screamed no.. Omkar said, should I? I can’t let you die. If you die, who will I take revenge from? I want to ruin your life.

Ashu said why did you come back? Go from here, let me die. Mayura cried no papa. Dadi said don’t say that. Omkar said you encouraged her that’s why she does all this.

Omkar placed a gun on Ashu and Mayura screamed please leave my papa. Piyush said leave him and Mayura cried. Omkar said keep crying, I want to see you cry. Mayura held Omkar’s feet and said please I beg you, leave my family. Surekha said no, don’t do this, don’t beg him.

Mayura said I am at your feet. Omkar said if you try to go out of Jabal pur, these people will go out of the world. Mayura said I won’t, please leave them. He said all our breaths are my servant, you have to do what I ask. Balli.. Balli hits Ashu, Mayura screamed and Piyush also shouted.

Mayura said we have to take papa to the hospital. Omkar said no hospital will take him, he won’t die, I left his life today but no one knows about tomorrow.

They came home and Piyush called the doctors but they don’t come. Mayura cried and said I won’t let anything happen to you, papa and she gave him medicine. Mayura said nothing will happen to you, the pain will end. Dadi said as long as you are here, our pain won’t end.

Because of you, my son’s life was in danger and everyone became shocked. Surekha said what are you saying, mummy? Dadi said you can’t stand to see your child in trouble, neither can I. That Omkar has ruined our life, I can’t risk Ashu’s life. Mayura said I also don’t want to cause papa any trouble but don’t say that.

Don’t accuse me like the rest of the world, you people are my courage. Dadi said for how long? We won’t even be alive if this continues and Mayura became shocked. Dadi said, he said he will kill your dad, go to him please. I beg you, no matter how he keeps you. Mayura said please don’t say this dadi, don’t distance me from my parents.

Dadi said he will kill your dad,he ruined your face, he did wrong. But what if he takes your dad’s life? I will die. Mayura said where will I go? How can I leave my family? Dadi said go to your in-laws, we got married you, go to your house and Mayura became shocked.

Dadi said a lot of girls are not happy in their husband’s houses, but they don’t leave their house, It’s okay if he scarred your face, I can’t risk my son’s life for that. Mayura said don’t say that dadi.

Surekha said how can we send her there? See what he did to her? Dadi said do you want to be a widow? Why do you all want my son dead? He won’t do anything, go to your husband and beg for his pardon.

Mayura said please don’t do this dadi. Dadi threw Mayura and Piyush out and said don’t enter this house again until Omkar pardons you. Never come back here.

Omkar said my Diwali will be bright as always and yours will be the darkest.

Dadi shuts the door and Mayura cried. She said papa needs me, I can’t leave my family. What if Omkar comes? and Dadi cried. Sukreha was also crying. Piyush said we have to go from here, Dadi isn’t thinking about you. Mayura said don’t say a word against her, she’s my dadi. She is doing all this for papa.

Omkar made rangooli while Mayura also made rangoli outside the house. She said, it will bring us happiness. Piyush said happy Diwali, let me bring food. Mayura said there is only this half burned firecracker in my fate.

She picked it from the road and burst it. Omkar came there and said there cannot be light from firecrackers and color of rangoli in your Diwali. Balli make it dark. Balli ruined the rangoli and Mayura said don’t you dare Balli.

Surekha heard Mayura screamed and said I am coming Minty but Dadi stopped her. She said you can’t go. Surekha said how can you be so selfish? Dadi said, if you care for your child, you are a mom, if I do,am I selfish?

Omkar said your own family kicked you out. Piyush won’t be with you for long either, Happy dark diwali. Mayura picked a lemon and made a dia in the lemon. She said I will keep lighting my life with hope. Omkar said I will take the last hope from you as well, Piyush.

Omkar said Piyush wanted to be the light of your darkness right? I will not let him live. Omkar tortured Piyush and Mayura screamed…Read more