Mayura Names Her Baby. Cage Of Beauty 19 October 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 141


The Episode started with Mayura coming to the room and found the wire burning. She sets off the fire with her dupatta and took the baby from the incubator. Omkar woke up and shouted Mayura, asking why did she light the fire. Mayura asked why will I light the fire and told him that the fire was lighted due the candle. Manjari came there with the Doctor and Nurse and Omkar shouted at them.

Manjari told Omkar that Doctor and Nurse came running to her and told her that Mayura escaped. She told him that Guru maa is right she came here and set the fire. She asked if she is God. Mayura told her that she is her mother. Omkar asked her to give the baby to him. Mayura asked him to stay away from them and pointed a knife at him.

Omkar said my daughter is scared of you. Manjari signalled the Nurse. Omkar asked her to give his daughter to him. Mayura asked him to listen, my daughter will go with me. Manjari injected something on Mayura’s back and she fainted. Omkar took the baby and held Mayura.

Dadi came out of the house and found Mayura placed outside their house and they took her inside shockingly. Omkar asked the baby to drink milk from his hand and asked the Doctor to do something. The Doctor told him that the baby needs her mother. Manjari said that she has brought Guru maa to solve the problem. Gurumaa said I have to do this house shuddhikaran, as Mayura is out now.

Mayura cried and said that she has to go, her baby is hungry. Akhilesh said what is the use of going there, they will throw you out again. Gurumaa fooled Omkar and Manjari and told them that Shuddhikaran has happened, and asked them to make the baby drink something. The Doctor said you can’t feed the baby anything. Just then Mayura came there with some people and her family.

She made the bowl fall down and said I will not let her drink anything. She said that the baby needs her mother now. Omkar said this baby is just mine. The woman organization asked, how can he do injustice with his wife. Police said that they can’t do anything,they were pressurized by the woman organization. Mayura took the baby from Omkar and warned him. Manjari told them that Mayura tried to kill the baby and you handed over the baby to her.

Mayura asked what nonsense? Manjari asked what do you think, that we are snatching her baby from her. She asked did we get happiness? She said yesterday we celebrated happiness and showed the happiness of her godh bharayi. She said when she tried to kill the baby, first with fire and then with knife,it was then that we had to take this step.

She asked Doctor to say it. Mayura said they are lying and said that whatever happened with my daughter is due to their carelessness and blind faith. The NGO woman asked the Doctor to say the truth. Mayura asked the Doctor to think of the Oath and say the truth. Doctor said Manjari is saying the truth.

Mayura said you are a black spot on doctor’s name and asked them to believe her. The NGO woman said why will a doctor lie and scolded them for wasting their time. Omkar took the baby from Mayura and said you can’t take my baby from this house, he asked her to leave and keep her scarred face away from his daughter. He asked her to give the baby to him and the NGO women left.

Mayura told Omkar that he is ill and his thinking is ill too, I can treat the injury, but not bad thought and asked him to return her baby. Omkar took the baby inside and Mayura pleaded infront of him to give him the baby. Omkar said if you had said yes for the surgery then your face and reflection wouldn’t be heavy for my daughter. Mayura said I am her mother, if you loved me ever then leave your stubbornness.

Omkar said if you want then you can stay here, but I have a condition, you shall not enter the room, you have to stay with my daughter and if you try to cross this line then nobody will be bad than me. Akhilesh asked Mayura to come but Mayura refused to go and Akhilesh left. Mayura looked at the baby sleeping in the incubator.

Omkar took the baby in his hand when she cried. Mayura asked Omkar to give the baby to her, and said she will make her sleep. Manjari then asked the baby to be silent. Mayura sang a lullaby and the baby became quiet. Omkar then slept with the baby. Mayura also slept and dreamt of the baby asking her to hug her and save her. Omkar was warning her not to cross the line. Mayura thinks she will win her Papa’s trust and will take her out. She promised to protect her and take her away from this house and blind faith.

In the morning, Omkar woke up and came out. He asked Manjari if Mayura had taken her,Mayura then came with a Nurse and the Nurse gave the baby to Omkar. Omkar asked how dare you take the baby out. Mayura told him that baby was crying and he was fast asleep, so she asked the Nurse to take her out, I didn’t touch her.

Omkar said nobody can touch my daughter. Manjari asked Omkar if he loves Mayura even now. Omkar said yes, Maa. This is the truth, I love her, since Mayura came,the baby stayed happy. He said Mayura’s reflection is heavy on my baby, so she will not come near her. Mayura heard them and thinks she has learnt how to break trust from him.

Later Mayura talk to Akhilesh and Akhilesh said there is a risk,what if anything happens then. Mayura said she won’t let anything happen to her baby and said that she will talk to the Pandit. She asked him to make all the arrangements ready and don’t do booking with her real face.

She saw Manjari listening to her and told Akhilesh not to come there. She said that she has accepted this as her fate, as she got to stay with her daughter. Manjari heard her and asked her not to come for the naming ceremony.

Mayura talked to the baby’s pic and said that she knows that her Papa is doing the same grandly. Shankar said he is here for the rasam else he wouldn’t have come. Omkar asked Pandit ji to start the ritual and checked the name. Pandit ji said the baby’s name begin with Ta. Omkar said you are my heart, life and prestige etc. Mayura said my heartbeat, light, star of the eyes….She named her Tara,Omkar also named the baby,Tara. Mayura heard it and became happy, she thinks, Omkar also selected the same name as me…Read more

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