Omkar Locates Mayura? Cage Of Beauty 19 September 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 99


The Episode started with Omkar asking Manjali to bless him find Mayura. Manjali said it is not a blessing, but a curse and asked him to stop mentioning her name. She asked why are you mad at her? She said sometimes you open a hospital on her name or get something done at other time, you have a beautiful wife Aishwarya and asked him to think about her. Omkar told her that he had just filled Aishwarya’s forehead with sindoor but he married Mayura twice with all the rituals.

He said Aishwarya is not my wife, Mayura is my wife and I am her husband. Manjali asked him to stop the madness. Omkar asked her to get ready for the hospital inauguration. Aishwarya thinks he spoils my daily sleep with aarti of Mayura’s name.

Shankar told Manjali that Omkar is a changed man now. Aishwarya got a call from her mother and she asked why don’t you leave from here. Aishwarya said Omkar is like a dead body now in Mayura’s memory and recalled Omkar telling her that he knows her truth, Mayura told him that you have tried to kill me.

He said I am not throwing you out for my mother, right now I don’t have proofs against you, but when I get the proofs then? He said I have given written statement in court and PS that if I die then you shall be caught. He asked her to live like she wanted and flashback ended. Aishwarya asked her mother not to worry and thinks Mayura shall not return.

Omkar came to the hospital inauguration with Bali and others. Bali called him Sartaj but Omkar asked him not to call him Sartaj. Bali gave the mobile phone to Omkar but Omkar asked him to keep it. Manjali saw Aishwarya taking selfie and asked her to attract her husband. Omkar’s phone vibrated in Bali’s hand. Omkar asked Shankar to do the puja. Just then they saw a boy hanging in the air holding a branch of the tree. A lady said someone save my son. Omkar got up and run to hold the boy. The boy fell and Omkar held him and the boy thanked Omkar.

His mother asked, why did you climb the tree? The boy said, I climbed to get the kite. Omkar saw mud on his clothes and smiled. Manjali said Omkar used to hate the dirt and mud. The lady apologized to Omkar for the mud on his clothes. Omkar asked her to take care of her son and said the mud on his clothes is not a problem.

Shankar told Manjali that Mayura will be very happy to see the changed Omkar. Omkar’s phone rang again but bali didn’t see. Omkar talked to Mayura’s painting and asked if he is becoming the person like she wanted. He said once I find you, we will never get separated.

He said I will apologize to you all my life. Bali came there and gave the phone to Omkar. Omkar heard from his guy that he has found out about the girl Mayura who had fallen from the cliff and said she is now in lucknow. Omkar thinks Mayura will be happy to know that he is a changed man and said I am coming Mayura.

Manjali told that Omkar is invited for the jalsa and she wants him to come there as Sangemarmar Sartaj and not as Omkar. Shankar said he will come as Omkar only. Just then Omkar sat in the car and left in a hurry. Bali informed them that Omkar got info about Mayura. Manjali was shocked and said Mayura will not be found. Shankar said Mayura will be found by Omkar somehow.

Omkar came to the hospital with Bali. The Doctor informed him that the patient Mayura is in coma, she has scar on her face like he told them and many deep injuries. She said she might respond hearing your voice. Omkar said surely. The organizer asked Manjali when Omkar will come for the jalsa. Manjali said he will come by tomorrow and Aishwarya became tensed. Manjali asked her not to make faces and put a smile on her face. She said remember that once anyone dies, they don’t return.

Omkar walked inside the ICU and recalled how she fell down and thinks to apologize to her for his every mistake. He looked at the girl’s face and was shocked seeing her to be someone else. The Doctor asked if she is not his Mayura? Omkar nodded no and went out with tears in his eyes.

He said until when will you test me and said that until he gets his Mayura, he will not lose hope. Mayura was seen enjoying with kids and holding the kite happily. Voiceover asked if Mayura and Omkar will become Mayukar….Mayura smiled, while Omkar was sad.

Some goons attacked Omkar. Neil came and saved him and introduced himself. Voiceover said see how Neil connects Omkar to Mayura…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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