Mayura Reveals Her Face As She Märríés Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 2 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 77


The Episode started with Manjali asking someone to bring her would be bahu Aishwarya. A lady brought the bride there and made her sit beside Omkar. Manjali then took off the bad sight off from them. Omkar recalled Mayura’s threat that his life might change in just one moment and was about to see the bride’s face. Manjali stopped him and asked him not to lift the veil.

He said this is Aishwarya and not inauspicious Mayura. She asked him to forget about her. Omkar thinks, Mayura was talking about big things. Saya and other kinnars came there and greeted Manjali. She said, you didn’t call us for your son’s wedding.

Manjali said we are happy that you came here and gave them dakshina. Saya placed one rupee on the money and asked her to take it back, she said it is a shagun. Omkar asked, why are you not taking the money, you people came for the nek. He asked if she thinks that the nek is small? Saya told him that they have already taken nek during his first marriage.

Omkar said that nek was for my first nek and this is for my new wife. He asked her to take the nek but Saya refused to take the money and said I came to bless you today and blessed their marriage to sustain. She said I bless this girl to fulfill all her wishes, she went to the bride and blessed her for her success in whatever she does.

She then made the sound which kinnars do and left from there. Omkar became doubtful and told his mom that he will go and see Mayura once, but Manjali stopped him. Aishwarya’s mother did the kanyadaan, tied the ghatbandhan and they started the rounds.

Pandit ji asked Omkar to make the bride wear the mangalsutra. Omkar made her wear the mangalsutra but didn’t see her face. He then filled sindoor in her maang and Pandit ji declared their marriage complete and asked them to take God and the elder’s blessings.

They went to the inhouse temple and Omkar said that the lines which Mayura made is not a destiny line, but a wound or stain like it is on your face. He thinks Mayura’s chapter ends with this, Suddenly a heavy wind blew and Manjali asked someone to close the windows.

The bride’s veil was lifted and Omkar became shocked to see it was Mayura. He looked at her face and was shocked. He said this is not possible, Mayura congratulated him and said we both are united now, nobody can separate us now. Omkar said this can’t be possible. Mayura said you have become my husband again and asked, why you are running away from me.

Omkar refused to see her face and asked her to go away from his house. Mayura said nobody can separate us, we got married again and we will have relation for 14 births, watch my face. Manjali asked her to go away from him and asked, how did you come here, my son was about to marry Aishwarya. Mayura said this is the right question and said I will tell you.

A flashback was shown where Saya came to Mayura and asked if she is fine? She said Shankar babu alerted us that Omkar is marrying someone else, and that’s why we are here, so that your aim don’t get ruined. Mayura thanked Saya and hugged her.

Saya asked what do you want to do? Mayura said today, Omkar is getting married, I want him to marry me. Saya asked what are you saying? Marriage with him again and Mayura said yes. Saya said you can only understand the situation well, which you have faced,I am with her.

Mayura said I am getting near my aim because of you. Saya blessed her for her victory and asked her to come, they went to Aishwarya’s room and made her unconscious. Saya then placed the veil on Mayura’s head and the flashback ended.

Mayura asked Omkar to see, Omkar asked her to move away from him. Mayura said the wound on my face is pinjara/trap for you and said she is returning your debt with interest…Read more

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