Omkar Alone Gets Two Chicks. Cage Of Beauty 2 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 78


The Episode started with Mayura asking Omkar to look at her. She said what do you think, that you will take divorce from me by blackmailing and threatening Sanjay bhai saab, my family is not my weakness, but my strength, I will reach you somehow.

Aishwarya came there and asked what happened? Her mother informed her that Mayura married Omkar again and she was shocked. Omkar looked at Mayura and Mayura said, I am just your Pinjara and nobody else. Aishwarya said I didn’t marry Omkar ji and cried. Omkar saw Aishwarya coming there and took her to the inhouse temple.

He then filled sindoor in her maang and Mayura became shocked. Aishwarya smiled. Manjali became shocked and Mayura was shocked too and shouted Omkar. Omkar said that Aishwarya is his wife now, you might be my wife but Aishwarya is my wife too, it is not a big thing to have two wives and Mayura said you can’t have two wives.

Omkar asked what will you do? Will you go to court, who can stop me from having two wives, if you want to get yourself insulted then go to the Police, everyone knows that today Aishwarya and my marriage is happening, there is so many stains in your pallu that nobody will believe you.

nobody has seen our marriage happening here, these are my people and nobody will give statement that your marriage have happened here. The guests and Pandit said that they have not seen their marriage happening and left. Omkar asked Aishwarya, if she has seen and she said no.

Omkar said you will not be my wife, if you say so,then you will stay here as a Servant to take care of my new wife, he asked her to make sure that her beauty don’t get less. Aishwarya said don’t worry Didi, we will stay together lovingly.

Omkar said my new bride is so lovely, just learn from her, Mayura do whatever she want,i will always defeat you.Omkar and Mayura can’t become Mayukar…just remember this. He recalled taking Mayura home by lifting her and thinks, he will make her cry and make her feel pain.

He lifted Aishwarya and asked if she will be jealous to see he and his wife’s love and asked her to be jealous. He took Aishwarya from there and dropped her down. He thinks if Mayura loves him even now, when she got a chance to go, then why does she wants to stay here. Manjali told Mayura that he will forget you after the wedding night with Aishwarya.

Omkar was going, when he saw Mayura infront of him and hid his face. He imagined many Mayura’s coming and asking if he is feeling disgusted seeing her face. He asked her to go and remove this ugliness from his life and shouted…Manjali asked Aishwarya not to think about the inauspicious woman and asked her to sit on the bed.

She said Omi will forget that girl after the wedding night, Mayura said Mayura’s name brick is made in Omkar’s revenge fire and will not break it so soon. Omkar came to the room and Aishwarya asked him to come. Mayura came there and said welcome my pati dev for the wedding night and started dancing.

She asked Omkar if he recalls their first wedding night and said, you ruined our first moment due to the rash on my neck, today I have ruined your wedding night. He said do whatever you want, I will not bear you, if I want, I can kick you out of my house.

Mayura said ok, kick me out, but some media have come here and want to see your wife’s face. Omkar said I can’t throw you, but I can go. Mayura said she will continue troubling him until he becomes better.

Next morning, Mayura woke up Omkar and he I don’t want to see your face and asked her to go. Mayura said you have stained this face, this is your punishment, I have forgotten and applied sindoor in your maang. She asked Omkar to see and said I have applied sindoor of your name.

She comes to Omkar but he turned his face. She said I have applied, just as you want, long and broad,I have applied sindoor as you are just mine. Omkar said yesterday you kicked me out of my room, now I will see how anyone will make you leave from here. He locked her in the room and asked her to clean the mess. He said I dislike dried up flowers and stained face and she shouted Omkar.

Manjali assigned a work to the Servants. The Servant lifted the heavy utensil having hot oil and dropped it from his hand. It fell down from the balcony and Omkar saw it about to fall on him. Mayura came there and saved him at the right time. She fell on Omkar and he looked at her.

Manjali came there and thanked Mayura. She gave her a necklace as a reward for saving Omkar’s life. Mayura threw the necklace on Manjali’s neck and it fell on her. Mayura said you have thought your son’s life so cheap, I didn’t have the money to buy this costly necklace but you are not that rich to buy my self respect.

Omkar accused Mayura for planning to kill him and then saving him. Mayura said I shouldn’t have told you. Omkar asked her to see what he does with her…Read more

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