Mayura To Escape With Tara. Cage Of Beauty 20 October 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 143


The Episode started with the baby crying and Omkar took care of her. Mayura was checking her face while Manjari was talking to her friend, who informed her that she had seen Akhilesh booking flight tickets at the airport. Manjari said flight tickets and thought to find out. Omkar informed Mayura that Guru maa kept havan for her in the temple at 4 pm and took Tara with him outside the room.

Mayura calleld Akhilesh and informed him about the havan. She told him that she will leave the temple at 5 pm. Akhilesh said he will be outside the temple and asked her to come on time. Mayura said my daughter and I will be freed from here and asked him to be ready. Later she saw Omkar and Shankar playing with Tara and felt bad for separating her from her Papa and grandparents but then thinks she doesn’t want her daughter to have blind faith like them.

She came downstairs and asked Omkar to come with her to the temple. Manjari said why? She told her that she has placed a havan at home and Guru maa is also not coming, Pandit ji will do the havan. She thinks, she got the havan done in the house, so that she can keep an eye on her. Mayura and Omkar sat for the havan.

Mayura was worried that her make up/prosthetic will come off. She got Akhilesh’s message asking if she left home. She then thinks about how to leave from here and wiped her face with the cloth. Manjari then looked at her doubtfully. Mayura then thinks, she has to find a way to stay away from the havan fire.

She checked the fire and coughed. Omkar asked what happened? Mayura said she coughed due to the havan fire, Tara might cough too. Omkar asked Pandit ji to do the havan fast. Pandit ji completed the havan and tied a thread to Omkar.

Mayura prayed to Mata Rani and asked how do i take my daughter away from here, how do i cross this door step, show me some way. Just then she found a table there. Omkar gave money to pandit Mayura came to Omkar and told him that they shall dance and enjoy, as she couldn’t enjoy when her naamkaran happened. Omkar said ok, I will do as my Mayura said. He told Manjari and Shankar that they will do jashn.

Mayura was dancing with Omkar, just then Mayura fell on her face and she shouted Omkar. Omkar run to her and asked what happened to you. Mayura asked him to look after Tara. Manjari asked her to see her eye and asked Omkar to get her face washed. Omkar lifted her and took her to wash her face. He washed her face and was shocked to see the scar on her face. Manjari asked what happened?

Mayura said Omkar. Omkar asked her not to utter a word and asked, how dare you to touch my daughter by lying. Mayura said she is my daughter too, I am her mother and have full right to take her in my lap. Omkar said you didn’t care for your daughter and your thought, ego is more than your daughter.

Mayura asked if his cheap mentality is more dear to him than her. Manjari asked the dancers to go and asked Mayura if she wanted to elope with Tara, that’s why her father booked flight tickets. Omkar questioned Mayura asking if she wanted to separate her from her daughter.

Just then, Akhilesh’s call came. Manjari answered the call, Akhilesh said that Dadi and Surekha had gotten to the airport and asked if she was leaving with Tara. Manjari said, your daughter’s face was revealed, her truth came out. Omkar asked Mayura, how can you think that you will keep me away from her?” Mayura said what about my daughter and told him that she doesn’t want her daughter to suffocate like her.

Omkar said she is just my daughter and took Tara away from her. Mayura went after her, but Manjari stopped her. Shankar asked Manjari to leave Mayura. Mayura knocked on the door and asked Omkar not to separate her daughter from her, she might be hungry. Tara crying and Omkar said your papa is with you. Mayura said give my daughter to me.

Omkar came out and said you call yourself Maa and can’t get the surgery done for her. Mayura said she is my daughter and is not affected by my surgery. Omkar told her that she won’t let Tara call her Mother. Mayura asked what do you want to do, don’t send me away, she is our daughter.

Omkar said you should have thought about this before and went to the room. He asked Tara not to cry. Mayura asked Omkar to open the door and said I will not go anywhere leaving my Tara and shouted Omkar.

Mayura was still waiting outside. Omkar told her that he has taken a decision for her happiness and after this, they will both have happiness in their lives…Read more

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