Mayura Suffers Memory Lose. Cage Of Beauty 20 September 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 101


The Episode started with Mayura asking her family not to get senti and told them that she is going to meet Nisha. Akhilesh said I will drop you. Dadi told Surekha that they shall understand the sign of God and that even they have forgetten Mayura. Neil offered to drop Omkar and told them that he has chosen his way.

Omkar touched Mayura’s dupatta from inside his suit and thinks don’t know when will Mayura come back. Nisha and Mayura had an icecream. Nisha saw Omkar’s MP Ratan board and asked Mayura to come in the evening for the jalsa.

She said his mother and wife have already come. Manjali told the organizer that Sartaj will come. Aishwarya saw Mayura’s pic in the background of her pic and thinks if she is alive. Akhilesh told Surekha that they shall burn all the things related to Mayura and that she just remembers that she will join the hospital. He them burnt Mayura’s chunari.

Surekha asked if she gets back her memory, then what we will do. Akhilesh said it was murder by Omkar’s hand. He said she was saved by Mata Rani, but now I won’t let any devil sight on her. Surekha said if she gets back her memory then? Omkar was her husband. Akhilesh said he was not her husband but Danav, I will not let him enter my daughter’s life.

Mayura and Nisha come to the jalsa. Manjali told them that my son MP Ratan couldn’t attend the function today, but he will come tomorrow. She said you can have a glimpse of him. Mayura said oh..glimpse. Neil said Bhopal has come. Manjali showed Omkar’s big photo. Mayura got some flashes, panicked and fainted. Nisha asked if you are fine Mayura. The people got up to go and saw Mayura. Aishwarya said someone heard your speech and fainted.

Manjali said we have to show sympathy and asked her to come and they walked towards Mayura. Just then someone called Manjali and Manjali said it is a limit. Aishwarya asked what happened? Manjali said Omi didn’t sit in the flight and don’t know if he is coming here, what we will answer to the host of this function.

Neil and Omkar came to the dhaba. Neil asked him to have wine but Omkar refused. Neil said if you take in the right quantity then nothing will happen. He did cheers with Omkar and asked whose name, drink, he would like to drink for free. He said you may have many. Omkar said just 1, she is my everything. Neil said that girl is lucky as you love her so much.

Omkar said I am lucky as she is in my life, I have no words to express what she means to me. Neil said impressive and asked what is her name? Omkar thinks of mayura and told him that my wife is the most beautiful girl in this world, I am not talking about her face, but her nature.

The Doctor checked Mayura and told Akhilesh that he needs to talk to him. He said Mayura remembers from the time, when she met you after the accident. He said she might have seen something during Makar Sankranti mela.

Akhilesh thinks if something was related to her,he thinks I won’t let her know her past and thinks if Omkar comes to Bhopal. He asked Nisha what happened, which Omkar saw and fainted. Nisha said someone was giving a speech and said her name was Madhuri.

Omkar told Neil that he is living with the dream that he will find his wife. Neil said you went to Jabalpur to search for her. Omkar said he can go anywhere in the world to get her. Neil said you will meet that girl very soon, write it down. Omkar said I hope it will happen and asked Neil to pray for his wife.

Omkar and Neil were in the car while Mayura and Nisha were in the auto. Mayura’s heart beat increase and she mentioned Om’s name and Omkar was about to look at her from the auto…Read more

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