Will Omkar Meet Mayura? Cage Of Beauty 20 September 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 102


The Episode started with Mayura gaining consciousness after she got flashes of Omkar and called Ashutosh. Ashutosh came there and asked what happened? Mayura said she saw him. Ashutosh asked who? Surekha became worried and asked her to relax. Mayura said I don’t know how this happened, I was feeling like someone is dragging me towards him and I have no control on myself. Omkar told Neil about Mayura.

Neil said she is good and they drunk. Omkar said that she has very good values and her smile can make your tired go, and if she laughs once, the city will bright up. Neil said I think you haven’t met her yet. Omkar said what do you mean that I didn’t meet my wife. Neil said my girl. Upadhya asked her to count backward numbers whenever she gets stuck, but seems like she got stuck.

Neil praised his girl even though he didn’t confess his love to her yet. Mayura said that tomorrow she will go for kite flying competition but they refused to let her go. Mayura said I will take medicine and told them that she will rest all night but asked them to let her go to the competition. Ashutosh asked her to stay back home. Mayura said ok, I will not go and told him that she will freshen up and come.

Ashutosh said I will go to the fair place and come. He said I want to find out if Omkar is related to that place somehow. Omkar showed Mayura’s pic to neil, but he couldn’t see her face properly due to the drunken state. Ashutosh came to the fair and enquired about the fair. The organizer told him that the chief guest pic is there. Ashutosh thinks,the Minister is the Chief guest and left. The organizer asked the men to hang Sartaj’s pic again.

Omkar drank wine and said my wife is very beautiful and opened his hands wide. Neil said my girl is also very beautiful. They both danced and enjoyed…thinking about the girl in their lives. Omkar imagined Mayura there and imagined dancing with her. He the felt shy imagining her. Neil asked him to come to Bhopal with him.

Omkar asked him to come with him to Jabalpur. Neil said my girl is the best. Omkar said my wife is best, they told each other that their girl is the best. Mayura was sitting on the window, when she gets the kite and read the message on it, asking her to go to the competition. Ashutosh, Surekha and Dadi ask her to get ready and go.

Mayura told her friend that she will make the opposite team lose. Manjali scolded Bali for letting omkar go. She got irritated seeing Aishwarya busy with make up, while they were still in the car. She asked her to stop fashion and said if your husband was in your control then this wouldn’t have happened. Aishwarya said she is trying to woo him, but what to do. Manjali said,the media will trouble us with questions, if Omkar don’t come.

Ashutosh, Surekha and Dadi came to the fair. The Minister came for the programme and asked the organizer about Omkar. The Organizer called Omkar and then Manjali. Mayura was returning after buying the kite, along with her friend. Their auto stop at the signal. Omkar and Neil’s car stopped right there at the signal.

Mayura said Om…and took heavy breathes. Omkar woke up and was about to see her but the kite hid her face. Omkar looked back but didn’t see her. Mayura also looked out of the auto. Nisha asked what happened? Mayura said she felt strange, don’t know if it is bad or good. She said I felt like a kite and getting dragged by someone. Nisha said you are taking it seriously. Omkar the woke Neil up.

Neil asked the cab driver where are they? The Cab driver said they are in Bhopal. Neil asked who asked you to take us. The cab driver said the dhaba guy. Neil worried for his car parked at the dhaba. Omkar said I will get my car and asked him to settle the money. He the called Bali.

Nisha told Mayura that she has some connection with Omkar. Mayura saw Omkar and asked how can he leave. Omkar also saw Mayura…Read more

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