Omkar Gets Memory Flashes. Cage Of Beauty 21 December 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 218


The Episode started with Omkar serving pizza to Mayura. Mayura asked for her lemonade and said she had asked him in last birth and she didn’t get it till now. She taunted him for looting people. Omkar said I don’t understand what are you saying and said that he has placed the lemonade in her room. He said this is your pizza and pasta, enjoy your meal. Mayura said she had asked for some other pizza and pasta, and scolded him. She asked him to go and see if the set is ready, as she is in a mood to sing.

He took the pizza and thinks why don’t she eat dal roti and be happy. The Manager came to Mayura and said the set up is ready, come to the stage and a sing song of your choice. Mayura went to the stage and sang. Omkar placed his finger in his ears and then looked at her while she continued to sing. He was taking drinks to someone and stopped. Mayura started singing a sad song.

Omkar got flashes of Mayura and his past birth which was blurred. Tanya asked why are you singing this song suddenly. Mayura was about to sing the first song again. Omkar saw the short circuit happening and took out the mic wire to save her. Mayura saw him unplugging the wire and asked how dare he to stop her song. She said you don’t deserve this and said you are fired.

Omkar asked her to listen and said it was not his mistake. He said this job was necessary to me, please don’t fire me. Mayura said I have said it and asked her friends to come. Later Omkar was in his room and thinks of Mayura’s words, that he is fired. He thinks college fees will be covered with scholarship, but how he will pay for the food and stay. He thinks,the job was necessary for me, I thought to help Mummy a bit.

Omkar and Mayura both slept in their respective rooms. Mayura heard Omkar saying that they are in their destiny. Omkar also heard Mayura asking him to promise that they will never separate from each other. He thinks why did I get such dreams? Mayura came out of her room and saw some reflection. Omkar said it’s me.

Mayura took a vase and said I will hit you. Omkar said you know me, why are you shouting? He asked what happened to you. Mayura asked him to go. Omkar said I will go. Mayura was about to fall down the stairs but Omkar held her hands to stop her from falling down. He had a flashback of Mayura falling down from the tree, leaving his hand. He thinks why am I seeing her face?

Mayura dropped the vase and asked him to pull her back. He pulled her and she came near him. Tanya and Pooja came there and saw them close. Omkar was about to hold Mayura’s face when Mayura asked him to move back and asked him not to stare at her. The Manager came and asked if she is fine?

Mayura said I was about to fall down because of him. Pooja said he saved you from falling down, we saw it. Mayura said she was about to fall down because of him. She said soon she has to participate in intercollege competition, what if she had hurt then. Omkar told the Manager that he saved her from falling down. Mayura said he wanted to touch me and Omkar was shocked.

Mayura asked Manager to call the Police in the morning. In the morning, The Police asked Omkar why did he touch her? Omkar said I saved her from falling down. Mayura asked the Inspector to file her complaint. She said he punctured my car, secondly stole Maali Kaka’s money, threatened me in darkness and touched me forcibly. Omkar is shocked. Mayura said I have all the list, just arrest him first.

The Inspector said you have to come to the PS with me. Omkar said I didn’t do anything. Tanya said you have accused him big and asked her to think. Omkar told the Inspector that he didn’t do right. Pooja said his career will be ruined.

Mayura stopped Omkar and told him that she will take his pic to get the news published in the newspaper and she took a pic of him. Omkar asked the Constables to leave him and check the CCTV camera footage and Mayura became tensed. The Inspector watched the CCTV footage and Omkar asked if he saw the truth. The Inspector said he saved you Mayura ji.

Mayura said I thought he attacked me in the darkness. Omkar said you felt? He told the Inspector that he wants to file a case against her for mental torture, defamation and harassment. He asked the Inspector, what are thinking about, arrest her. Mayura asked how dare you? Omkar said I have nothing to lose, I had this job, which I lost due to you. Due to such girls like you, guys are afraid to help girls.

Inspector said he has to arrest her. Pooja asked Mayura to think of what her father and brother will do if they come to know this. She asked, what do you want? Omkar said you have two options, either you say as I ask or go to Police station with the Inspector. Mayura asked what you want me to say? Omkar said it is difficult, but you can try.

He asked her to say with him and he asked her to say, Omkar forgive me? Mayura looked at him and stopped. Omkar asked the Inspector to take her to PS. Mayura said no, I will sayn it. She said Omkar forgive me. Omkar asked her to say it loudly with a smile on her face. Mayura said Omkar, please forgive me. Omkar asked her to say that he can return to his job and Mayura said you can return to job and she left from there angrily.

Later Omkar was washing his face and thinks what is happening to him, why is he thinking of that girl who wants to ruin his life. Mayura said I will ruin him, she got angry at him for making him say sorry and said she will teach him a lesson. Omkar asked himself to forget her and focus on his job. Mayura said I have two focus in my life, one is Omkar and other is this sword. She took out a sword and held it in her hand…Read more

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