Vishaka Hits Omkar With Car. Cage Of Beauty 21 November 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 179


The Episode started with Mayura seeing Omkar and Tara’s pic and thinks of his words. Omkar opened Tara’s blind folds. Tara asked if they have won the hide and seek game. Omkar said yes, we have won. Tara said, that aunty was bad and asked him to take her to Mamma. Omkar said ok, and asked her to tell Mayura about Vishaka keeping her captive. Tara said ok. Omkar called Mayura and Mayura asked what, you want to lie now.

Tara took the phone and said she is with Papa and Mayura asked her to say it loudly. Tara told her that Vishaka aunty….Omkar took the phone and told Mayura that Tara is with him. Vishaka sat in the car and hits Omkar and Tara shouted Papa. Omkar saw Tara taken away by Vishaka’s goons and he fainted. Mayura tried calling him and thinks, why was the call was disconnected. She thinks what Tara was telling about Papa and Vishaka Aunty.

Vishaka looked at injured Omkar and smiled. The lady guard told her that she has sent the girl to a different place. Vishaka hits her head on the tree and asked the lady guard to take her to Mayura. Mayura thinks, neither Vishaka nor Omkar’s call is connecting. Vishaka came home and acted to be dizzy due to head injury. Mayura asked what happened? Vishaka said this was done by Omkar and said she saw him taking Tara in a car.

She said she followed him and he saw her. He said Omkar caught her and threatened her, so she ran away from there and he tried to hit her, but he himself met with an accident. She said she saw death so near, don’t know what would have happen with her and she called an ambulance and sent Omkar to the hospital.

Mayura said may be Tara wanted to tell me this and asked Vishaka to take her to the hospital. Vishaka said she will get bandage done and asked her to go and meet Omkar if she cares for him. Mayura said I will meet him for attempting to kill you and for kidnapping Tara and said she will take the Police along with her.

Mayura and Vishaka took the Police Inspector to the hospital. Mayura said Omkar shall not be left free this time.The Inspector said even the accused met with an accident. They got inside and heard a Doctor telling that they couldn’t save Omkar’s eyes and that he couldn’t see again. Mayura asked what are you saying?

The Doctor said we have saved his life, but not his eyes,his retina are damaged, we can tell if the sight can be back, after opening his eyes bandage and checking his eyes. Shankar asked, what will Manjari will go through hearing this. Mayura said we will get him treated. Megha asked her not to give false hopes to Shankar and held Mayura responsible for his accident. She said if your concern is truthful then you wouldn’t have brought Police with you.

The Inspector asked if she wants to file case against Omkar. Vishaka said of course yes. Mayura told the Inspector that she doesn’t want to file a complaint against him. Vishaka asked what are you doing, do you think that he is not acting, that doctor is with Omkar. Mayura said even if he is acting, until he gets consciousness and until I know where tara is.

I will not file against him, the truth will be out soon, she then said that she has no sympathy for Omkar, but can’t see Papa distressed and Maa ji is hospitalized as well. Vishaka asked her not to bring her feelings in between, what if he is acting, what if he is really acting then I will not spare him. Mayura thanked her. Vishaka then asked the Inspector to go and thanked him.

Mayura came inside and asked why the glucose drip was taken out. Megha asked her not to show fake concern. Mayura said even you have done many mistakes, Omkar wanted everyone to be beautiful around him, today he got blind. If Omkar had not attempted to kill Vishaka, then this wouldn’t have happened. Megha said even now you think he is acting. Shankar said even he wants to believe that this shall be Omkar’s act, he wants to see him fine. The Nurse said now you can shift him.

Mayura asked to where. Shankar said to a government hospital and Megha said thanks to you. Shankar asked Megha to sign on the papers. Mayura stopped Megha and asked her not to go anywhere. She said Omkar will stay here, and make him get glucose drip again. Shankar said how will I pay the bills? Mayura said I will pay the bills, am doing this for you and Tara’s Papa.

She said, this is Omkar and my fight and I will not let anything happen to Tara’s father. Doctor gave Omkar’s file to the Nurse and asked her to keep it safely. Vishaka collided with the Nurse and took a paper from Omkar’s file while pretending to pick the file. Omkar gained consciousness. He called Shankar and asked where is Tara? Mayura said she was with you.

Omkar said Mayura, you are here and asked why his eyes are bandaged. He asked the Doctor to remove it. Vishaka thinks, it is good I took Tara away with me, after his accident. She whispered to Mayura that Tara is with Omkar. Doctor removed the bandage from his eyes asked Shankar that he couldn’t see? The Doctor asked him to take his medicine to get some rest. Omkar asked what happened to my eyes.

Mayura asked him not to act to be blind, as Papa ji is in tension. Omkar said I am not acting, I can’t really see, he fell down from the bed and got up. He said, The Doctors have done wrong with me, I can’t see, take me home, I want to meet Tara.

Shankar said your eye sight is lost, you can’t see anything and Omkar asked what happened with me. Mayura asked Omkar to tell them that he is acting. Omkar said I am not acting, I can’t really see, there is just darkness in front of me and asked her to trust him.

Precap: Omkar told Mayura to let him die, life has slapped him by taking away his eyesight. Mayura told him that the mark that he gave her on her face became her strength instead of weakness, he should also do the same. Vishaka got worried thinking of how she will take revenge if they two get together…Read more

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