Tara Grows Into A Beautiful Girl. Cage Of Beauty 21 October 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 144


The Episode started with Mayura and Omkar hearing Tara cry. Mayura imagined taking Tara and putting her to sleep. She woke up in the morning and felt a headache. She run to the room and found Tara missing. She found Tara and Omkar’s clothes missing in the almira. She thinks of Omkar’s threat and said why did you take my daughter away from me?” She found nobody in the house,Just then she saw the Servant coming there and asked where did they go?

The Servant told her that Manjari gave 1 year salary to all the Servants and asked them not to come for work. Mayura asked where did they go? The Servant said I don’t know, they went out of City and he left. Mayura was shocked and said my Tara. She called Akhilesh and told him that everyone went with Tara.

Mayura and Akhilesh searched for her daughter, he asked Mayura to handle herself. Surekha called Akhilesh and told him that there is no booking with Omkar’s name. Mayura got lost and said, my daughter is gone from here and she shouted Tara.

5 years later, Mayura arranged a cake, Omkar brought gifts for Tara,Mayura said where will we go for a picnic. Omkar said we will have a pizza party. Mayura said we will do as Tara likes and she showed her Tiara. Omkar said my Pari. Mayura said star of our eyes. Tara came downstairs, run to Omkar and hugged him.

Omkar made her wear a Tiara and took her onto his lap. Mayura said everyone forgot me. Tara said I didn’t forget you and she run. Mayura lifted the doll and said my Tara. She called Dadi and Nisha and said today is Tara’s 5th birthday. She asked them why are they getting senti and said today is the happiest day. Dadi said this is tears of joy.

Mayura asked them not to cry and hold her Tara. Dadi said that Surekha went to temple to pray and Akhilesh went to PS to enquire about Omkar. She said since Omkar took Tara, Mayura calls this doll Tara. Omkar yelled at the Servants and asked them to bring matching velvet sandals for Tara. She wore it and asked why no children of my age come to the party every year. Omkar said just music is needed to dance. Manjari and Omkar danced with Tara, along with the Servants.

Mayura said that they will celebrate her daughter’s wedding and asked Dadi to take Tara. She then lights the candle and blew on it. She said now we will cut the cake. Akhilesh came there and said stop this drama. Omkar shouted asking who brought these candles. Akhilesh asked what is this drama? Mayura said today is my daughter’s birthday and cried.

Tara asked Omkar not to get angry and told him that she had seen on TV, that sparkling candles were used, the servant then apologized. Omkar said if Tara’s skin got burnt or scar then? Manjari said what will we do now. Omkar said he has brought 5 cakes, not just 1.

He asked Tara if she is still angry and said now we will celebrate her, happy birthday. Mayura asked Akhilesh how can he be so stone hearted. Akhilesh said you can celebrate the real Tara’s birthday, but not the doll. Mayura said this is my Tara. Akhilesh took off the doll hand and Mayura looked shocked.

Precap –
Tara fainted,Mayura uttered Tara! and asked MataRani to show her the way so that she can reach Tara…Read more

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