Tara Comes Back To Meet Her Mother. Cage Of Beauty 21 October 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 145


The episode started with Omkar asking Tara to close her eyes and make her birthday wish. Tara wished that although her father loves her a lot but she needs her mother too. She asked God to return her mother as her birthday wish. Mayura felt that Tara called her and felt overwhelmed. Ashutosh made her realize the doll isn’t.

Tara, he said they will find Tara, Sulekha has even gone to pray for her. He asked Mayura to understand Tara isn’t there. Mayura got flashbacks of Omkar telling her that he will never allow her to become a mother and then he left the city with Tara. She started getting panic attack and fainted.

Omkar and Manjiri wished a happy birthday to Tara but suddenly she fainted too. Doctor told Mayura’s family that he allowed her to stay at home due to their request but Mayura is suffering more severe depression which is the reason she kept talking about non existing things.

The Doctor said, if within three days there is no improvement in her condition, he will increase her medicine dosage and even admit her in hospital. Manjiri called a priest and asked him to check Tara. She said Tara oftens faints like this and the doctor has said this is because she didn’t get mother’s milk when she was an infant. Manjiri gave Tara’s horoscope chart to the priest and asked him to find some solution.

Omkar found a paper under Tara’s pillow on which she had drawn a female figure and written Mumma. Omkar felt depressed seeing it and went outside the room. He asked Manjiri that even though he has been doing everything….Tara said why does she misses her mother. He said that it has been five years since they shifted to Singapore but still he feels Mayura is connected to Tara. He thinks even though he does so much but still it’s not enough to make Tara forget her mother.

Ashutosh scolded dadi for encouraging Mayura. Dadi said throughout the year, it only this day Mayura felt a little happiness, how can they snatch it from her. Ashutosh said it’s momentary happiness and will disappear soon, he doesn’t want to lose his daughter forever. Dadi said God will never forgive Omkar,he has not only separated Tara from Mayura but also snatched Mayura from them.

Manjiri consoled Omkar and said soon Tara will forget about the existence of her mother. Priest told them that upcoming days are not safe for Tara. Manjiri asked him to tell them some solution and they will do whatever he says. Mayura talked to the doll and said she doesn’t know how her Tara looks like, she must be running and gossiping a lot now. Ashutosh came there and Mayura told him that she knows the doll isn’t Tara but as the doll belongs to Tara so she can feel her in it.

She said she cannot spend forever considering a doll as Tara and has to take some huge stepsl. Ashutosh said they have already tried every possible thing. Mayura told him she won’t give up on her daughter, when Omkar had tortured her, Ashutosh had encouraged her to fight back and win and she will do the same now.

Priest told Omkar that the only solution is taking Tara to take a dip in the holy waters of Narmada River. Manjiri said that’s not possible. Priest said there is no other solution and left. Manjiri told Omkar they cannot go to Jabalpur. Omkar however said if it’s necessary for the health of his daughter, he will surely go to Narmada River. Mayura prayed to the goddess and told Ashutosh that she found a solution.

She said her and Omkar’s story started at Narmada Ghat so now the Goddess Narmada will only answer her queries and show her the path. Omkar came to Jabalpur with Tara and Manjiri. As soon as Tara got down of the car, Mayura felt the connection. Mayura said she feels Tara is nearby. Tara asked Manjiri why are there black curtains around. Manjiri made excuses of different weather conditions.

Tara asked Omkar if this is the home where she was born and if her mother also used to stay here with him. Omkar changed the topic and asked her to go inside and take a rest. Omkar’s staff gave him information about Mayura and said she isn’t well so she mostly stays at home. Omkar asked him not to let anyone know about him being here and they will leave back to go Singapore in two days.

Tara happily played in the house, she took Omkar to the goddess idol and asked if he and her mother prayed together here. Then she took him to the fountain and asked if mumma liked it. Then in the room again she asked about her mother. Manjiri told her not to talk about her mother as Omkar feels hurt by it. She said her mother has gone to God and Tara asked for forgiveness. Omkar smiled and asked if she wants to eat ice cream. Tara said she doesn’t want ice-cream but rather Jalebis. Omkar remembered how Mayura had told him that jalebi are her favorite.

The Maid came and said that the priest has come. Manjiri said she will make Jalebis for Tara and she became very happy. Tara asked if she can go and see the whole house.
Manjiri asked Omkar if they made a wrong decision by coming there. Omkar said tomorrow on Shivratri he will get blessings from Goddess Narmada and leave Jabalpur. Mayura and Nisha were also going to Narmada. Nisha became worried about Mayura.

Tara asked Manjiri to play hide and seek with her. Mayura felt something while she was in the auto. Nisha said she is reacting the same way as she used to react before when Omkar was around, they realized the auto was standing near Omkar’s mansion. The Autorickshaw driver told them that the auto wasn’t working and Mayura became worried…Read more

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