Omkar Targets Piyush. Cage Of Beauty 22 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 63



The episode started with Mayura and Piyush lighting up a lantern. Piyush said enough Sartak, now I am with Mayura. Omkar came face to face with him,he held his face and said bachay,you want to bring light in her life, will you keep me in the dark?

You forgot how I picked you on a similar dark night. Flashback, People were teasing him, some kids were trying to find him. They said they will throw him away, Piyush was then hidden in the dark and Omkar saw him. He hugged Piyush and said bachay, I will save you.

Omkar said I protected you from dark and dirt, I worked to feed you, I gave you all the shades in life even when I stayed in sun, I educated you and now you are standing against me? For this girl? Mayura said in heart, Piyush must be so hurt to find out that the brother who he considered God was so evil.

Piyush said good deeds don’t give you the right to be evil, when you did good things I considered you God, now you are a demon who’s trying to ruin Mayura’s life. How can I call you God?

Even if you don’t repent what you are doing, I am ashamed of you, I was with you but I am not today. Omkar pushed his finger into his neck, Piyush fainted and Omkar hugged him.

Mayura said Piyush.. What did you do? Mayura screamed no.. Where are you taking him? They took Piyush in the car. Omkar said you want Piyush right? Come to my pooja and beg my pardon there for what you have done, I don’t sleep or eat because of you, come tomorrow and put your head at my feet and beg my pardon.

or I will do something to Piyush that you will never be able to forgive yourself. Omkar’s men stopped Mayura and she screamed Piyush.. Please leave him. Omkar drove away with Piyush. Mayura screamed and cried. Someone placed a hand on her shoulder, It was Dadi. Mayura said Dadi, Omkar took Piyush and she cried.

Omkar was in the car while Piyush was unconscious. Omkar said I thought I will forgive you but you are far too ahead now, I can’t forgive you or Mayura now. Dadi said come in. She brought Mayura inside,she hugged Surekha and they cried. Dadi said don’t be happy, I brought you here to make you understand.

Mayura said please leave my hand, I have to save piyush. Dadi said,your dad has fainted here, we are dying here in this dark, Piyush’s life is in danger because of you. A girl’s beauty is in her compromise, not her ego, go to him and beg his pardon and Mayura became shocked.

Mayura said he’s asking me to put my head at his feet. What’s my fault? What’s my sin? That I am a girl? Dadi said your questions and justifications will all stay here if Piyush dies.

A woman doesn’t become small by asking pardon from her husband,he also used to roam around you when you were beauitful and Mayura was shocked. Dadi said if anything happens to Piyush this sin will be on you more than omkar.

Omkar tied Piyush and said bachay, why did you do all this. See what I have to do to you, you will come tomorrow Mayura. You will have to come. If you don’t come, my bacha will have to pay for it.

Dadi said are you going to beg his pardon or not? If you don’t, I will drag you there. Surekha said Minty.. Dadi said don’t even come near her. Mayura said Dadi please.. Dadi took Surekha from there. Mayura sat down crying and looked at Ashu.

Omkar was with Piyush,he was still unconscious. Mayura recalled Piyush being with her always and encouraging her. Piyush said Mayura you have to come out of this dark, I will be with you till my last breath. Mayura said no.. I can’t let Piyush suffer, trust me Piyush.

The next day, Omkar started his pooja and said, you will come Mayura. I know. Mayura came to the temple and did pooja.

Dadi said what must Mayura be doing there, she can only beg for pardon. Surekha said why did you send Mayura there? What has happened to you? Dadi said I care because my son is in trouble, I can’t tolerate this as an old mother and Surekha cried.

Dadi said I hope she begs for Omkar’s pardon. Surekha said what is happening with my Mayura? Her own family is not with her, please give strength to my Minty.

Omkar gave parsad to everyone, he looked at Mayura and gave her arti. Omkar said God give you the strength to stay alive till my revenge is taken. Now do what you are here for and Mayura looked at him. She sat down and held Omkar’s feet. Mayura said forgive me Omkar and the people were watching.

Mayura said Omkar ji.. I am at your feet begging your pardon, forgive me please. Omkar said Mayura get up.. What are you doing? The people said, this is Omkar’s wife. She ran away with another man,she has to hide her face. God has given her punishment for her sin.

Look at how Omkar is looking at her with sympathy and they chanted for Omkar. Mayura looked at him in anger,she read a paper in his hand, say in front of everyone that you had an affair with Piyush and you are ashamed of your actions, Mayura was now confused. She looked at the people and Omkar said do what I say.

Mayura recalled Piyush fainting and falling. Mayura said Sartaj ji forgive me and Omkar looked at her. Mayura said I want to ask forgiveness for my sin, I did so many wrong with you, Omkar ji, I cheated on you, I am characterless.

You gave me respect and love, even after being married, I had an affair with your brother Piyush and everyone became shocked. I committed a huge sin, I am not worth forgiving but I beg your pardon, forgive me if you can, please forgive me and she cried.

Omkar held her hands and said sins’ punishment is to carry them along. Sin’s forgiveness is when you realize them. And you did that, I forgive you. I loved you a lot but maybe my love was less so you had to go to Piyush. But it’s okay, I forgive you. People chant we will never forgive her, she should pay for her sins. Women like her shouldn’t be forgiven and they all chant against Mayura.

Mayura sat down and cried. People said, we won’t forgive you. Women like you should be punished. A girl said the scar on your is the darkness of your soul, they started hitting Mayura with stones and coconuts.

Mayura cried and said please don’t. A man said even these pooja coconuts can’t wash your sins. Mayura cried and said please don’t hit me, Omkar looked at Mayura while she kept crying.

Omkar said Piyush wanted to be the light of your darkness right? Now he will go into darkness forever. Mayura cried and shouted Piyush’s…Read more