Mayura & Omkar Spend Night Together. Cage Of Beauty 22 December 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 220


The Episode started with Omkar closing the tiffin and said it seems we have to stay here in the night, seeing the rain. Mayura said I will not stay here with you here. Omkar said I would have slept in the car, but it is raining, I can’t sleep with the windows closed, I will sleep on my side silently, you also sleep on your side. Mayura said no way, I am going to the resort now.

Omkar asked her to go and do whatever she wants, he doesn’t care and he rested on the grass. Mayura said I am going. Omkar said I can sleep without your arguments and started the countdown. Mayura then returned. Omkar said you would have let me complete the countdown at least and Mayura got upset.

The Manager informed Tanya and Pooja that Mayura’s father and brother left and asked them to pray that Mayura returns before them. Later in the night, Mayura felt hungry and ate the food with her hand. She burped and said sorry. Omkar said you ate all the food and you are saying sorry.

Mayura said I ate it thinking the food will get rotten. Omkar then asked her to sleep. Mayura sat and saw the plastic cover moving. She shouted and said this place is haunted. Omkar slept and got flashes of the past. He said run, I won’t let anything happen to you. Mayura watched him and thinks even he gets strange dreams like me and she held his hands. She has Om on her hand, while he also has a cut mark on her hand. She lay down beside him and slept.

Mayura’s father told her brother that it will be a good surprise for her. Omkar woke up in the morning and found Mayura sleeping on his hand. He took back his hand and asked her to wake up, calling her Madam and Princess. Mayura woke up and said she got peaceful sleep after many days.

Omkar said my hand pillow is good, you got peaceful sleep, but what about my hand? Mayura got up holding his hand and said that a rat tried to scare her but she didn’t get afraid or shout. She asked what was he saying in sleep and why? He said maybe your ears were listening, they shall leave, as everyone must be worried in the resort. Mayura asked him to bring coffee for him as her morning doesn’t start without coffee.

He said I am not your Servant here and asked her to come with him else she can sit there with the rats. Mayura said she is coming and drove the car, they then got to the resort/hotel and she asked him to open the door for her. He got down from the car and opened the door. Mayura said she will not put her leg on the muddy floor. Omkar said we will request the storm not to get muddy floor when Mayura Madam steps down.

Mayura asked him to clean the mud, else he will lose the job. Omkar asked her not to threaten him and asked her to stay silent, if he loses the balance then both of them will fall down. Mayura said fine. He walked lifting her in his arms. Mayura asked him to put her down as they got in the hotel. She asked, how dare you to touch me like this? Just then Mayura’s father and cousin Rahul came there.

Mayura got shocked seeing them and got down. Rahul got angry and slapped Omkar. Mayura asked Rahul to please stop and said he didn’t do anything, he was just doing his job. Rahul asked, how dare you to touch my cousin, have you forgeten your status, you are a servant here. He raised his hand on Omkar again.

Omkar held his hand and said two things, such misbehavior is not justified with a Servant and secondly, though I do work here but I am not your Servant. Rahul said you want to teach me manners and tried to hit him again but Mayura’s father asked him to leave him. He asked Mayura where did she go early that morning? Mayura thinks Dad doesn’t know, she then saw idols there and said that she went to the temple to pray for her sword competition in college.

She said, you know that today is the big day for me,so I went to pray, everyone was sleeping, so I thought to take the driver. I got hurt in the temple and couldn’t walk, so Omkar lifted me to bring me here. She then signaled Omkar to be quiet. Mayura’s father thanked him for bringing their diamond back and tried to give him money but Omkar asked, why are you fixing the price for your priceless diamond and refused to take the money.

Mayura’s father said you talk big and asked him to bring Mayura’s stuff from her room, we are going home. Mayura said today is her competition. Rahul said they have photo shoot today for a magazine. Mayura told her Dad that the competition is very important for her. He said I will check the audit report and asked her to get ready. Mayura looked at Omkar and Omkar left.

Pooja told Mayura that her family is selfish to come here to take her for photo shoot but Mayura asked her not to talk against her family. Rahul came there and said this photoshoot is necessary for Chacha’s political career. Mayura said I had told you all that today is my sword competition. Rahul said since you were born, you have troubled my Chacha, first you snatched his wife and my chachi. Mayura cried and he got ready to go.

Mayura tried to open the car door and Omkar looked on amd she asked him to open the door for her. Omkar said it seems you stopped seeing due to the black googles. Mayura asked him to be in limits and open the door.

Omkar opened the door and she sat in the car. Rahul and Mayura’s father came there. Rahul asked did you keep the stuff? Omkar signed yes and they left. The Manager told Omkar that his job is save now. Omkar told him that his aim is in Bhopal and wanted some money to stay there.

Mayura’s elder brother Sachin was shown telling a Servant that he don’t want any stain on Papa’s pic or political career. Mayura’s father called him, he smiled and greeted him. Mayura’s father asked if the arrangements is fine. Sachin said yes and asked Mayura how is she?

The Manager told Omkar that he knows someone in Bhopal and they can help him. Omkar asked about Mayura and her family. The Manager asked him to stay away from Mayura and her family for his betterment. Mayura’s father told her that they will get her pic clicked with sword and asked her to stop thinking about going to the competition.

Precap: Mayura and Omkar competed in the intercollege competition and fought holding the swords. Mayura’s face was revealed to Omkar during the competition. Later Omkar was declared as the winner. Omkar told Mayura that this competition is the purpose of his life…Read more

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