Mayura Gets Shocked Meeting Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 22 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 105


The Episode started with Aishwarya seeing Mayura with Nisha in the car’s mirror and went behind her. Nisha made Mayura hide and said you have much sindoor on your forehead, you have to wipe it before uncle and aunty sees it. Ashutosh and Surekha were looking for her. Omkar asked a lady about Mayura, showing her the pic. The lady confirmed to him that she saw her there sometime back.

Omkar looked at Mayura’s dupatta in his hand and said I shall use this dupatta to search for her. Mayura’s heart beat then increased. Nisha asked her to see a guy trying to search for his lover, by making her dupatta fly in the air. Aishwarya thinks if she was Mayura then I will not leave her.

Omkar asked another guy, who told him that the girl is from Indore and went to catch the bus. He then asked him to ask the organizer of the kite competition. Omkar asked him to write the address of the organizer. The guy wrote a wrong address and gave it to him. Omkar thanked him and left. Ashutosh came and thanked the guy. He said to himself that he won’t let him win this time.

Manjiri asked Bali to be there and went to search for Omkar. Nisha said we shall go from here. Aishwarya was about to hit an orange color dress girl. The girl called her friends and said this girl is about to hit me with stone. Aishwarya said no, I thought you are someone else. The girl asked who are you?

Omkar was about to see Mayura, when Aishwarya came to him and asked him to tell the girl that she is his wife. Omkar asked her to leave him alone. Aishwarya said I am your wife. Omkar said I told you many times, that I am not your husband. He said you just loves my money and luxuries and asked her to leave him.

Manjiri called Bali and came to know that Omkar asked him to come with him to Indore. Aishwarya then came to her. Manjiri asked what did she say that Omkar ran to Indore. Aishwarya asked her to make her son understand, he has left his alive wife and running behind a dead wife. Mayura came home and said that she collided with a stranger and the color got applied to her forehead. She said sorry to him.

Ashutosh thinks what if he was Omkar. Mayura said Dadi told me everything, why we ran from event and why you locked me in the room, if you had told me everything then I wouldn’t have said that. Dadi told me that some guys were looking at me and that’s why you brought me here. Ashutosh said yes.

Mayura said I am a grown up now and can teach them a lesson, we have to teach them a lesson some day. Ashutosh said sometimes we have to go away from such persons and Mayura said sorry. Ashutosh said we will party today and asked her to call Nisha and the Doctor.

Omkar thinks of his accident meeting with Mayura. He thinks he has won and thinks to convince her and apologize to her. Mayura thinks he shall meet me once, I want to understand the questions in his eyes and thinks why did my heart beat increased seeing him. She wondered who he was, who was he to me? Omkar said Mayura’s Omkar.

Later Mayura was standing on the table and decorating the balloons, when she fell. Dr. Neil came there and held her. He said sorry. Mayura said I should thank you for saving my life and then my bone, I felt like this moment have happened? Neil said I wish it would have happened, if I had come earlier then i would have helped you. Ashutosh asked him to enjoy the party. Mayura said how will he enjoy without the fees and asked for the gift?

He said I brought it, you deserved it for winning the competition. He showed the necklace set with bracelet to her. Mayura said your choice is good and told him that she can’t take expensive gifts. She said she will not take the necklace, but will wear the bracelet. Neil made her wear the bracelet. Ashutosh then got a call.

Omkar was thinking of Mayura and called the organizer, but the number was wrong, the call couldn’t be connected. He asked Bali to drive fast. Mayura said that they will start the party of her victory celebration. She asked everyone to pick the chits and sings a song with the word which was on the chit. Ashutosh picked the chit and sang a song. Omkar smiled and laughed, hearing the song.

Ashutosh told Mayura that they are leaving Bhopal. Mayura missed Omkar and wonders why. Omkar then came to Ashutosh’s house…Read more

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