Omkar Gets Mayura’s Address. Cage Of Beauty 22 September 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 106


The Episode started with Neil asking Mayura to pick a chit. Mayura got the letter togetherness for the song. She started singing and got flashes of Omkar and herself and she became restless. Neil asked are you ok? Dadi, Surekha and Akhilesh got worried. Mayura thinks, whom do i ask the reason about my restlessness? Omkar came to the Office with Bali and asked the guard to give him the list of the participant of the kite competition. The guard said the list is with the organizer and asked them to come in the morning.

Bali told him that they shall stay in the hotel for the night. Omkar asked him to go and said he will stay there throughout the night. Mayura asked Neil to sing the song and he started singing. Neil then imagined dancing with Mayura….while the song continued to play. Mayura said good job, Mr. Doctor, you are very secretive and asked for whom, were you singing for. Neil said what are you saying? Mayura said I will find out.

Akhilesh told Surekha that they have to leave Bhopal and Surekha became shocked. He asked her to pack their stuff. Surekha asked what we will tell Minty, as Neil is treating her. Omkar met the organizer and asked him to give him the list of the participants in the kite flying competition, rather than the winner. The Organizer showed him the list and said they are the ones, other than the winner. He then got a call and went. Omkar saw Mayura’s pic on the form, fallen on the floor.

He asked the Organizer about her. The Organizer told him that she is Mayura Dubey, the winner. Omkar asked why didn’t she take the prize then? The Organizer told him that her health deteriorated, that’s why her friend collected the prize in her place. Omkar asked where does she stay? Organizer said she is a resident of Bhopal. Omkar thanked him and looked hopeful.

Akhilesh knocked on the door, Mayura then woke up and asked what happened Papa. Akhilesh told her that everything is fine. Mayura said you came to take me for morning walk and asked him to let her sleep for sometime. Akhilesh said we are leaving Bhopal. She asked why? what happened suddenly?

He said he has some work in his village, that’s why they have to go from there for some few days and told her that they will go altogether. Mayura said I have to join within a week, my job will start now. Akhilesh said you have to come with us.

Omkar sat in the car and asked Bali to take him to Bhopal, as his Mayura is in Bhopal. Dadi, Surekha and Akhilesh were waiting for Mayura to come. Omkar got her address from the Organizer and he asked Bali to take the left, following the location.

He said I am coming Mayura. Surekha said she is happy that mayura agreed. Mayura said it is a matter of few days just, then i have to return. Mayura said Papa, I will check once,i feel like I am missing something and she went inside. Surekha said did you lie to her?

Akhilesh said she needs to be out of the city for now, just understand. Mayura felt like forgetting something important and thinks why did I miss that guy, he is coming in my mind often. Surekha asked her to hurry up. Mayura said time has come to say bye to Bhopal for the time being.

Aishwarya talked to her mother and told her that if Omkar gets Mayura then my game will be over. She said I have to reach her before Omkar. Akhilesh asked the driver to start the car. Omkar asked Bali to drive faster. Bali said we will reach there in 5 mins. Mayura became restless and her condition deteriorated. Surekha and Dadi became worried. Omkar felt that Mayura was near him and asked Bali to speed up the car.

Mayura took heavy breaths. Mayura and Omkar’s cars passed each other in a different direction. Surekha asked Akhilesh to give her water. Akhilesh said he has forgotten to get water. Omkar asked bali to stop the car seeing Mayura’s house. He thinks of what to tell her and from where to start. He ring the bell hopefully, Bali then found the lock and showed him.

Omkar said where did they go this early morning? Bali said they must have gone to the temple. Omkar asked a lady where did they go? The lady said they all left in a taxi. Omkar showed her Mayura’s pic and asked about her. The lady said she used to stay here, but…don’t know where she went? Bali said someone might have seen them going? Omkar said they shall enquire.

Akhilesh, Surekha, Mayura and Dadi came to the railway station. Mayura said you have brought much stuff for 4 days. Dadi thinks about how Mayura will react. Omkar told Bali that they might have gone to the railway station. Bali then went to enquire about it. Omkar thinks if Mayura goes away from him then he will die.

Precap: Omkar touched Mayura’s scarred face. Mayura asked him not to touch her and asked who he is? He said he is Mayura’s Omkar. He asked why are you not identifying me? Mayura pushed him and slapped him hard on his face…Read more

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