Omkar Rescues Mayura From Goons. Cage Of Beauty 23 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 64



The episode started with Omkar saying to Piyush, you want to go against me for the girl you just got to know? See my heart is so big I still want to forgive you. I love you. Piyush said very bad joke. Omkar said, Mayura’s beauty is gone as well, why are you helping her?

Piyush said there was a time you were going to fight the world for her. Omkar said she was beautiful back then. Piyush said you only saw her face, not her soul, she’s still beautiful. Omkar said what is she to you?

Piyush said you won’t understand, It’s your disgusting mentality that can’t understand a pure relationship as a friendship, I will be with Mayura till my last breath. Omkar placed parsad in his mouth and said die after eating this parsad but Piyush spits it out.

Mayura run, she went to some place and cried, she recalled what happened and asked why? What’s my fault? Why should a woman suffer even when she’s been wronged?

The one who was treated unfairly should be supported not evil, I am so alone, no one is with me and she cried. Some men surrounded her and she screamed. She asked, who is there, she screamed and cried. She said no, stay away from me, they laughed and came near her.

Surekha said I feel like something wrong is going to happen to my Mayura. Dadi said Mayura did wrong and she should beg for pardon. Surekha said if you are a mother, I am also a mother, I know my daughter is in pain, something is wrong.

Mayura shouted stay away from me, Omkar came there and hits them. They then apologized and run away. Omkar said you didn’t respect my love, you want to come here out in this world, with these beasts.

I am your husband, It’s my duty to protect you and I will do my duty till my last breath, no one can touch you without me, only I will do the bad with you and nothing good will happen to you. Mayura said nothing good will happen to me, whatever bad will happen will be done by you, harm me but not my family and my friend.

You can do whatever you want with me, but please don’t drag Piyush is all this, please. Omkar recalled Piyush with Mayura and him saying my last breath will be with Mayura as well. Omkar turned his back to Mayura and said I promised you, I will take your everything from you, everything that you care about.

Like your beauty that I cared about and you took it from me, I will take this pure relation with Piyush from you as well. Whether he lives as my brother or a dead body he will stay with me. He will never come back to you and he left.

Mayura said no matter what happens, I will free Piyush. he’s my friend. When no one was with me, he was. It’s my turn to be with him, I won’t give up. I am coming with an equal amount of hate, I am coming.

Balli came there and Mayura asked, what are you doing here? He said Sartaj ji asked me to stay with you as your body guard.

Omkar was washing his hands and Manjali said tell me what happened? Let me dress the wounds, I will say something that will make you angry, you can punish me for that but I am your mother, I will say whatever is good for you. While caging Mayura, you have caged yourself.

See what you have done to yourself, you have forgotten your name, respect everything. Let them go and you move ahead with your life. I will find more beautiful ladies than Mayura and more sincere than Piyush for you.

Omkar said I scarred Mayura’s face. Piyush and Mayura scared my heart. It doesn’t heal, I tried forgetting her and moving forward. And Piyush.. My child. I brought him up like my own child. He slapped me, he went against me.

And Mayura, I gave her so much love you saw it ma? How do I make my heart understand? Manjali said don’t. Just move on, forget everything. Otherwise these bruises will hurt forever. Omkar said no maa. I loved Mayura and Piyush and I repent it. Now they will have to repent. Manjali said listen to me but he walked away.

Mayura came back home and recalled what dadi said. Balli and his men are following her, Mayura didn’t enter the house,she said I have apologized to Omkar, can I come in? Surekha hugged her and said you don’t need to ask to come inside your own house. Balli then locked the door. Mayura said mummy where is dadi?

Surekha said she is gone to take meds. Tell me, is everything okay? My heart was sinking. Where is Piyush? Tell me everything. Mayura cried and said I am not okay mummy,she hugged her and cried. Mayura said I will only be okay when I die, why doesn’t he kill me.

he isn’t even letting me die, why doesn’t he kill me? and she cried. Surekha said don’t say that. Mayura said I am a trouble for everyone, you, dadi, papa, piyush, the entire society. I was always the problem with a pretty face and without it, I should die and Surekha hugged her.

Guru ji came and omkar touched his feet. Omkar said the weathers come once a year but you keep coming, if you didn’t pick my call, I would have to come, there’s a strong sign, don’t ignore my words. Manjali said what happened? Guru ji said Omkar has to be careful. A big accident is going to happen.

Omkar said Piyush wanted to be the light of your darkness and he throttled Piyush. Mayura said you took my last hope from me as well, I will fight with you now, I have nothing to lose now…Read more