Mayura Attempts To Rescue Piyush. Cage Of Beauty 23 August 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 65



Omkar said give him dessert, Guru ji said no one can stand in front of Kaal, a man who thinks he’s God is an idiot, you also made a line on your hand. What happened to that?

Omkar said enough, I will lost my cool. Guru ji said shouting won’t change the facts, If you play with nature it will throw you back on the ground. Omkar shouted Guru ji and left. Guru ji said to Manjali stop him or he will call destruction on himself.

Ashu opened his eyes and Mayrua said I am so sorry. He said I apologize for what mummy ji has said, she’s a mother, you have to stay strong,never give up, promise me you won’t. Mayura cried and said I can’t do it anymore.

Ashu said when I taught you to ride cycle, you always fell but you said ” I won’t give up” And one day you rode it and you won the race as well. I want the same Minty who never loses. Your strength is growing with you and Surekha said we are all with you.

Omkar recalled what Guru ji said and broke things in anger. Piysuh said you detained me, tortured Mayura, hit Ashu uncle but you are the one who’s in distress and broken.

Ashu said Omkar knows we are all together and as long as we are, he’s losing, so he’s trying to break us. But that won’t happen and that’s why he kidnapped Piyush, you have to bring him back. Surekha said what about his men outside? They won’t let you go.

Piyush said everything is going as per your will but Karma is biting you. You are the one who’s not in peace, Imagine what would happen when you have to pay back.

Surekha went out and Balli asked, what’s in this bag? Surekha said trash, the one you spread in this house. Mayura’s was in the bag. Surekha dragged her out. Balli said stop and Surekha stopped. He then opened one of the bags and said it was moving, It has trash.

Mayura was in the other one, he said go. Surekha took the bags to the street and brought Mayura out and Mayura hugged her. Mayura said you can do what you want Omkar I will save Piyush, I am coming Omkar, stay prepared.

Piyush said you can repent for your sins. Otherwise, your destruction will come walking to you. Mayura saw some men taking in idols into Omkar’s shed and said, I have to get inside. Piyush said better control yourself before something happens that even you can’t handle.

Omkar said stop it, I have heard enough and you have spoken enough. Piyush said you are dead inside, how can you kill me? Omkar said I am saying for the last time, I have tolerated enough. Piyush said this is the beginning of your end and Omkar left.

Omkar’s men brougt in the idols. Piyush said I don’t know where is Mayura, how is she? Mayura was under the idol. Mayura said Piyush.. Are you okay? Piyush said why did you come here. If Omkar finds out he will create problem for you.

Mayura said, I can’t leave you here, I can’t lose my friend and tried to untie the ropes. Piyush said why are you so nice? Mayura said you are suffering because of me. Will everything be okay? He said everything will be okay when you fight for it. Promise me you will fight till the end even if I am not with you.

Balli came into the house, there was an idol under the sheets and Balli yes Omkar, Mayura is in front of me.

Some men come and Mayura hid. Mayura said, I will take you with me Piyush, she untied his ropes and they run out. Someone threw a cage on them and they were both locked in it. Omkar came there and said, you two do what I don’t want. What did you think? You will come here and take Piyush so easily?

You should know that I keep a track of all your breaths. Now your punishment is that I do something to Piyush you have never imagined. Mayura said no Omkar, please no. Piyush said let Mayura go. Do what you want to do with me, let her go.

Omkar took out a taser and placed it on Piyush and he fainted. Mayura screamed and said what did you do? Omkar said he can’t even move his hand. He can see and hear but can’t do anyting, you are responsible for this not me.

Like you were responsble for this scar on your face not me. Omkar dragged Piyush out and Mayura said no don’t do this, It was my mistake. Please don’t do this to Piyush,please let him go. Omkar pushed Piyush on the chair.

Omkar said you did what you had to, now my turn,he took out a belt and said my bacha will pay for your mistakes. I was his bhagwan, you made me his demon. So I will be it. Mayura screamed, please don’t do it.

Omkar hits Piyush with the belt and said I am hitting Piyush because of you. Mayura said I beg you, please leave him, I am sorry, It was my mistake not his. Omkar said to Piyush, I brought you up, I made you my brother and you forgot everything. Mayura said stop please. Please leave him. Piysuh then held the belt…Read more