Cage Of Beauty 23 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 107


The episode started with Omkar driving and saying he won’t let Mayura go away. Mayura was waiting for her train. She then sensed Omkar is nearby. Omkar showed Mayura and her family members photos at the ticket counter. The person said they bought ticket and their train is leaving in 2 minutes. He then run towards the station.

A guy informed him that train already left. He can take taxi to their stop which is 10 minutes away and he rushed towards his car. Mayura fainted and everyone gathered around her. Omkar failed to see her.

Omkar’s mother told Aishwarya that her husband is running here and there to find his dead wife and she’s talking about going to her mother’s home? She should try to get closer to him. Aishwarya said she will be back by the time Omkar returns and she left.

Omkar was driving towards the next station and his car got into an accident with a truck.

Mayura was in a hospital. Neil said he will need to run some tests, but assures her family that nothing will happen to her. After her family left, he told Mayura now she can wake up but she didn’t open her eyes. He said, not a problem, he will give her a big injection. She quickly got up and said she is fine. She asked how he figured she was doing drama? He said because he understands her. She asked meaning?

He said he is a doctor and he can find out by checking patients. He then asked why the drama? She said because she heard Dadi telling her mother that they will never return to Bhopal now. Her parents must have their reason but she cannot leave Bhopal. She’s a doctor, she has dreams, she wants to help her patients.

If she changes places, then how will she establish herself as a doctor? She knows she can’t do this outside Bhopal. Neil got lost in thought. She said he got lost as if his close one was leaving Bhopal.

He said he was thinking that she should talk to her parents about this. She said she also wants to find out why they took a sudden decision to leave Bhopal. She knows they won’t tell her easily, so she needs some time to find out the reason. She requested him not to tell anything to her parents till then.

Outside, her parents were worried and hope she recovers soon, so they can take her away from Omkar. Omkar was also admitted at the same hospital. He was only saying he wants to go to his wife.

Neil said he can’t lie about her health, It’s against his ethics, they will get scared too. She requested him a lot, but he didn’t listen. She said she will tell her parents,she took his hand and thanked him for doing so much for her. She told him to take care and started walking but he said stop. A doctor needs to think about patient’s mental condition too.

He will tell her dad to let her stay at least for 1 day. She hugged him in excitement and thanked him. He was about to hug her back, but she moved back and told him to go and talk to her parents as they must be worried.

He came to her family and said they will need to keep her under observation. Her father asked whether it’s not possible to give her medicine to take at home. He said they need to keep her there and her parents became nervous. He asked whether everything is fine. Her father said they were going out of town, that’s why. He told them not to think like that.

It’s risky for Mayura to travel. He asked them to go home,he is there. Her father said he will stay there. He said Mayura has taken an injection, she will be sleeping the whole night. A nurse came and told Neil there is an emergency case. Neil went and was shocked to see Omkar.

Omkar told him to let him go. Neil said, you are hurt a lot, I can’t let you go. He ordered a CT scan and left to do preps for treatment. Mayura’s family got ready to leave. They didn’t see Omkar’s face and they prayed for his recovery and left.

Mayura sneaked out of her room as she was hungry. She heard Omkar mentioning her name and stopped. Omkar got down from stretcher. A nurse went to call Neil. Omkar lost his balance and was about to fall. Mayura came in time and saved him. Both were shocked seeing each other. She got some flashbacks and panicked. He then smiled looking at her.

She asked whether he is okay. Who is he? Why is he looking at her like that? He held her and asked why is she doing this? She was confused. She said he needs doctor. He grabbed her tighter and said he knows he did wrong with her. She can scold him, but don’t give me such punishment.

Don’t refuse to recognize him. She asked him not to touch her. He asked he is Omkar, her Omkar. She again pulled herself back and said he can’t touch her like that. She tried to walk away, but he grabbed her hand and told her not to go away from him. She pulled her hand and asked how he knows her name? He again held her hand and asked what is she saying?

How can he forget her name? She got angry and pushed him back. She said she won’t get threatened by him. She will tell the security and get him arrested. He didn’t stop and told her that he’s Omkar and asked her to look him in the eyes. She pushed him harder this time and slapped him on the face and he looked at her in a shock.

Precap: Neil informed Omkar about Mayura losing her memory after the accident. Later, he cried saying his one mistake spoiled Mayura’s life and decided to apologize to Mayura…Read more

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