Mayura Saves Omkar’s Life. Cage Of Beauty 24 November 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 183


The Episode started with Omkar telling Mayura that she has saved him again, but he is not suitable for her care. Mayura said we can’t decide on this, but there is some question which is unanswerable. She found injury on his foot and said you got an injury and asked how did this chandelier fall down. Vishaka said the nuts might have gotten loose as it was an old chandelier.

Omkar moved the chandelier piece from his way and winked his eye surprising Vishaka. Later they came face to face…Omkar asked if he acted well, if not better than her, then not worse than her. Vishaka said my acting has truthfulness and your acting is betrayal. Omkar said you know well, who is cheating Mayura and I will expose you in front of her very soon.

Vishaka said mayura is supporting you as she sympathizes with you, you will be her enemy always. Omkar said it is our personal matter and I will not let anyone come between us, once I get my Tara, I will expose you. Vishaka told him that Tara said yesterday that he likes to watch star with her and made these 10 stars on the chart. She said daily one star will be gone and you will lose stars in 10 days, you will lose Tara. Omkar said 10 days, I will expose you before that.

Megha told Omkar that Sanjay got the info that Vishaka has something to do with this haveli. Omkar said he was right, Vishaka has enmity with me and that’s why she tried to help Mayura. Megha asked if these proofs are not enough. Omkar said these are not enough to make her believe.

Just then Mayura came there and saw Omkar holding the file. Omkar became tensed and Megha pretended to take his sign on the papers and took the file. Mayura asked you are taking his sign on what papers? Megha asked why you want to know, so that you snatch that too. Omkar asked Megha to go and told that he is selling a small land in the village. Mayura asked him to open his mouth and drink the medicine and Omkar drank it. Mayura then told that Tara messaged you.

Mayura saw Tara’s video and got emotional. Omkar thinks all her old recordings are coming to use….thank you bacche… Mayura had tears in her eyes and Omkar wiped it. Mayura asked how did you know that I had tears in my eyes.

Omkar said nobody knows you better than me, I knew that you will get tears in your eyes seeing Tara, I don’t have the right but can you forgive me. Mayura said I have to go from here and Vishaka heard them. Omkar took out his googles and thinks he will free her from Vishaka’s trap.

Vishaka came to Mayura and told her that if anyone trusts any relation much then that relations will ruin you, some habits are not good, I called Omkar here so that you don’t worry, but you are bending down towards him. Mayura said it is not like that. Vishaka said she wants to remind her that he is the same Omkar, who has done so much with her.

Omkar told Shankar that Sanjay messaged and wanted to say something. Shankar said we shall go to the garden area to talk to him. Vishaka came there and called Omkar, Mayura also came there. Omkar told that he is going to the garden to pluck some mangoes for Tara. Vishaka asked how will you pluck the mangoes in this condition? Shankar said I will pluck it for him. Mayura said I will come with you and they went to the garden.

Mayura asked him to be careful. Omkar said he knows this garden area very well. Vishaka thinks you didn’t know one place, Mayura managed to get a mango and went with Shankar to get a stick. Vishaka told Omkar that she knows his planning well. Omkar asked is she scared to see Mayura’s care for her. Vishaka said she will hate you if she comes to know that you are acting to be blind, then what will you do.

Omkar said you can’t understand our relation, it is like this mango, sometimes raw mango and sometimes ripe mango, it might be sour, but it becomes sweet after ripened. He said I know that Mayura will not harm me intentionally and will not take advantage of my blindness. He suggested her to learn to make achaar and said it will help you earn money for your family.

Vishaka asked him not to mention her family name with his mouth and threw the mango into the pool. Omkar said tell me who is your family? Omkar told her that all her family will come on the road, he will throw everyone on the road.

Vishaka looked angrily and pushed him into the pool, but Mayura came there and held him from falling down into the pool. Mayura asked if he is fine. Omkar said yes, and asked if she is fine. Mayura said yes. He said someone pushed me, Mayura told Vishaka that she has seen with her eyes and asked why did she push Omkar into the Pool. Omkar then smiled.

Omkar learnt that Vishaka wanted to take her brother’s death revenge on him. Mayura was doing puja. Vishaka told Omkar that she won’t kill Mayura, she will just have bullet fired at her shoulder and make her paralyzed…Read more

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