Vishaka Targets Mayura’s Life. Cage Of Beauty 24 November 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 184


The Episode started with Vishaka telling Mayura that Omkar is acting to be blind and is betraying her. She said I have heard enough and said that she didn’t forgive him for whatever he has done with her, but she will not take advantage of his blindness to teach him a lesson of right and wrong.

She said if he had fell in the pool then what would have happen, I will not hurt him intentionally, you are sometimes hitting him with stone and sometimes you are trying to push him into the pool, what shall he do to make you believe. Vishaka said he is acting again. Mayura said enough and took Omkar from there and took him inside.

Omkar said you saved me. Megha told Mayura that Vishaka pushed him in the pool to know if he is fine or acting. Mayura said Vishaka has done this, as she cares for me. Shankar asked Megha to come. Omkar asked Mayura not to worry due to Vishaka and Vishaka heard them. She thinks I had attacked, but the aim was wrong, a jaadugar’s life is in two parrots and not one.

She thinks to attack them. Omkar told Mayura that their relation is strange, he hurts her so much, but if someone hurts her, then he can’t bear and looked at her. Vishaka looked at Mayura and Tara’s pic, she thinks she shall attack his love. Sanjay came to meet Omkar, Omkar said I was calling you. Sanjay said I enquired about Vishaka and gave him a file. He read about Vishal Gupta.

Sanjay said Vishaka’s full name is Vishaka Rajvansh Gupta and they used to stay here, Vishal Gupta was her brother. Omkar said that was her brother in the pic. Vishaka looked at her brother’s pic and said Vishal…your sister will take revenge for all your pain, I have snatched this haveli back. Sanjay said there is no Police record of Vishal. Omkar said we have to find out about him.

Vishaka said Omkar is responsible for whatever happened and called someone for an important work. Omkar asked Sanjay if he remembered something. Sanjay said no, maybe we have done some meeting with him. Omkar thanked Sanjay and said I have done bad with you and you are helping me, I have understood that only family helps in difficult times. Sanjay said your destiny is good and said whatever he is doing is for Mayura and Tara.

Mayura came to Vishaka and gave her tea. Vishaka apologized and said whatever I have done is due to the worry for you. Mayura said I will not forgive you if you make this tea cold. Vishaka took it and sipped it said it is same as I like and hugged her. Mayura asked Vishaka about her family.

Vishaka became tensed and said my parents died in my childhood, my younger brother was my only support, but he was murdered by someone. She told her that she is pained about his death,that his murderer are still roaming freely. Omkar asked why you are not taking revenge, you help many women get justice. Vishaka told that they were very strong, so she took time and made her strong, today she will take revenge from them.

Mayura apologized to Vishaka for questioning her and hugged her. Omkar heard her and told Shankar and Megha that Vishaka said that her brother was murdered. Megha asked Omkar if he had murdered Vishaka’s brother. Omkar said he haven’t killed anyone and told them that he doesn’t know him. He said maybe Vishaka wanted to gain sympathy from Mayura.

Later Mayura took Omkar to the garden, Omkar said you trust people easily. Mayura said it is a bad habit but she is the same. He asked if you can give a second chance to someone. Vishaka came there and apologized to Omkar and Omkar acted to forgive her. Vishaka told that they got a big contract due to Mayura and that’s why we kept a havan and will pray for your eye sight. She asked Omkar, Shankar and Megha to attend the havan. Mayura thanked her. Vishaka said tomorrow will be a special day.

Next day, Vishaka made Mayura sit for the havan puja, Mayura asked her to sit also. Vishaka said we got this contract due to you, so you shall sit. Omkar told Shankar that Vishaka is up to some conspiracy, we should be careful. Vishaka whispered to Omkar that she was planning to attack him so that his truth is revealed but she understood him.

She said you will get scared if your love one is in danger. Omkar asked what she wants to do? Mayura asked what happened? Vishaka said Omkar is hesitating to sit for puja. Mayura asked him to sit. Vishaka said the game has begun, it will be fun. Omkar saw a gun light falling on Mayura’s forehead and told Vishaka that she shall not do this.

Vishaka said Mayura will not be shot on her forehead, my sharp shooter is good, he will shoot at her shoulder and she will be paralyzed. Omkar asked what do you want? Vishaka asked him to tell his truth to Mayura and told him that you asked for 10 days, but your game will be over in just 2 days and asked him to save her if he wants.

Precap: Vishaka blackmailed Omkar to tell the truth to Mayura. Mayura pointed out to Vishaka that her dress has caught fire. While everyone is busy, Omkar looked at the guy who fired a bullet…Read more

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