Will Mayura Meet Her Daughter? Cage Of Beauty 24 October 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 146


The Episode started with Tara blindfolding everyone for the game and fooling them. She asked them to count and she ran out. Tara came out and asked the kids playing outside to let her play. Tara threw a paper rocket and it fell near Mayura’s feet. Mayura opened it and found I miss you Mumma written on the rocket. Manjari stopped counting and came out to see Tara outside playing with the kids.

Mayura told Nisha that it must be made by Tara and went to see the girl, but Omkar came and took Tara from there, just as Mayura turned to free her dupatta. Nisha said if Omkar had returned, then we would have known. Omkar shouted at Manjari and the Servants for letting Tara go out.

Tara became scared hearing him shouting and hid behind the pillar. Mayura and Nisha reach the temple and talked to the Pandit. Mayura asked Pandit ji about the other Pandit ji. Pandit ji told her that he has gone to do puja in a big house. Nisha asked whom? Pandit ji tried to recollect but then Mayura and Nisha left. Pandit ji said Sangemarmar Sartaj.

Omkar found Tara hiding under the dining table and told her that he will punish himself and will eat ice cream, cake etc. Tara said she will eat and they went out. Omkar made her have ice cream and asked her to promise that she will not go and she promised. Mayura wrote Tara’s name on the temple stairs. Akhilesh offered to write, Mayura said Mummy has gone to Ujjain temple to pray for Tara and asked if she couldn’t write her name on the stairs.

She said God has to listen to her and make her meet her Tara. The Security guards stood in front of Omkar’s car just as he came there with Tara and Manjari. Omkar prayed to God to make his daughter fine. Tara thinks her mother is here, Nisha said that it seems some hero or big personality here and asked Mayura to come with her.

Mayura said she doesn’t want to see, just wants to do puja for Tara. Omkar asked Manjari if she told Panditji that nobody shall be near them. Manjari said yes and told that guards not to let anyone come near them. Omkar, Tara and Manjari sat to do puja. They saw Mayura doing aarti and singing the bhajan, but didn’t see her face.

Tara asked who was singing so beautifully. Pandit ji said some it a devotee. Omkar felt Mayura’s presence and hoped he is wrong. Mayura then stopped doing the aarti. Pandit ji told Omkar that havan is done and asked him to make the girl wear the clothes and make her take bath in the Narmada river, Tara said it will be fun.

Omkar asked Manjari to make Tara wear it and not leave her hand. Manjari took Tara with her, went inside the temple to see if she was Mayura who sang the bhajan. Mayura told Nisha that they shall do the temple parikrama and they left. Omkar asked where is that girl who sang? The guy said she had left,Omkar then thinks that he was overthinking.

Tara asked Manjari to walk fast. Manjari covered her head with dupatta but Tara said she didn’t like it. She saw Akhilesh there and hid with Tara. Tara asked if they are playing a game. Manjari thinks to inform Omkar that Mayura can be there. Tara left Manjari’s hand and run seeing something. Just then some religious procession came there, Tara and Manjari got separated. Mayura came out to give charity to the beggars. Tara asked someone if they saw her Papa. The guy said your Papa must be in the temple and she walked towards Mayura.

Mayura run to save the girl from a speeding girl, she hugged Tara and Omkar looked on shocked…Read more

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