Omkar Saves Mayura’s Life. Cage Of Beauty 25 November 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 185


The Episode started with Vishaka asking Omkar to start the reverse countdown. Everyone closed their eyes as the puja began. Omkar took out his googles and use it as a mirror to see the shooter. He found it and placed firewood on the back. Pandit ji said puja is completed and Vishaka started the countdown. Mayura opened her eyes and found Vishaka’s dupatta burning. Vishaka shouted fire and thinks how did it catch fire?

Everyone got up to set off the fire, some brought water and poured it on the dupatta. Omkar saw the Shooter running from there and asked Mayura to save Vishaka. Mayura asked Vishaka if she is fine. Vishaka asked someone to drop Pandit ji out, Omkar told Vishaka that it seems she is losing the game badly.

Vishaka said you have saved Mayura, but how will you save the little girl? Shankar said what did that little girl do to you? Vishaka said the girl’s father has done it. She said V for Vishaka, V for Victory and gave him 2 days to tell the truth. Omkar fumed with anger, thinks Vishaka has won, but let’s see what happens.

Later in the night, Omkar said how dare Vishaka to think that she can harm Tara? Sanjay came there and said she wants to take revenge for her brother’s death. Omkar asked him to say clearly and said I don’t know him. Sanjay showed him the file, Omkar saw it and got shocked. Sanjay told him that Vishal was the marble merchant that Omkar brought the marble quarry from him.

He told him that when Omkar was on the buying spree of all the marble quarry, he bought Vishal’s quarry too. Omkar said later they found that it is not valued much and the company filed a case against him and got it reimbursement with interest. He said Vishal was not having money so he sold this haveli to me and I bought it, he was not murdered,he committed suicide.

He said I didn’t know that he was mentally pressurized, else I wouldn’t have taken money from him and wouldn’t have asked him. Shankar said we shall talk to her. Omkar said Vishaka is having enmity for me for 10 years and that’s why she is silent. He said he can’t take risk with Tara. He said he saw that tomorrow is Vishaka’s birthday, so he will surprise her.

Next day, Omkar surprised Vishaka with a gift and sang happy birthday. Mayura hugged her and wished her happy birthday. Vishaka thanked her and said she don’t want to celebrate. She asked how did Omkar know about my birthday. Omkar said you were my enemy at one point and I get my enemies’ info.

Mayura went to do something for her. Omkar came to Vishaka, Vishaka said it will be a gift for me, if you tell the truth to Mayura. Shankar asked Vishaka to leave Omkar today, as he wants to spend time with Mayura. Vishaka said ok, no fighting today. She said today you will see my friendship but think of Tara before showing smartness.

Later Omkar told Mayura that he will get to eat kheer made by her after many years. Mayura asked how did you know, I didn’t tell you. Omkar said my eyesight is gone, but not nose. He said he can’t forget the smell and asked if she thought to plan a surprise for her. Mayura said what to do, I am foolish not to know.

Omkar asked her to take Vishaka out of the house, until he organizes something for Vishaka with Papa ji and Megha’s help. Mayura thanked him for changing for good and went to give kheer to her. Omkar told her that he is changing and that’s why he is feeling bad to act with her and promised to unite with her and get Tara back.

Mayura told Vishaka that they have to go for an important meeting. Vishaka said ok. Mayura showed thumbs up to Omkar and Shankar made Omkar show thumbs up. Omkar said it will be fun to see Vishaka shocking in the evening. Megha came there and said I got something. Later Vishaka and Mayura returned home.

Mayura sang happy birthday for Vishaka. Vishaka asked who did this arrangement. Omkar said Mayura. Vishaka said she thinks of everyone’s happiness and people take advantage of her. Mayura said let’s cut the cake. Vishaka cuts the cake and made Mayura eat, she gave some to Omkar, but he refused saying the Doctor asked him not to eat sweets.

Megha said music, Megha, Mayura and Vishaka danced. Mayura took Omkar to dance but he stood inside. Vishaka sat on the chair, she saw someone’s reflection and got shocked. Omkar thinks Vishaka…I will play with your mind and see what I will do…Read more

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