Vishaka Sees Her Brother’s Ghost. Cage Of Beauty 25 November 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 186


The Episode started with Mayura dancing with Omkar in Vishaka’s birthday party. It turned out to be their imagination. Vishaka looked at the reflection and followed it, asking who is there? The light flickers making her more scared. Vishaka asked who is there? She found Happy Birthday Di written on the mirror and that he misses her. She found her brother’s reflection outside the room, got more scared and shouted…

She said Vishal..Mayura and others heard her shouting and she run to her. Everyone else came out. Vishaka told them that she has seen someone and took her inside to show the mirror but found everything cleared. She said it was written that…and told her that even the trophies were kept here. Mayura said nobody is here.

Omkar recalled Megha finding the trophies and telling him. Sanjay arranged a guy familiar to Vishal and told him that he will look like him with prosthetic help. Omkar asked him to come in front of Vishaka and then vanish. He gave a magical ink pen and said he will ask him what to write.

Mayura took Vishaka to the room. Vishaka said if it was my hallucination and said sorry for ruining the party. Mayura told her that maybe someone was there, she told that the party was organized by Papa ji and Omkar. Vishaka asked her to make soup for her and Mayura left. Vishaka came to Omkar and asked if he had planned all this drama. Omkar asked what are you saying and asked her to leave him.

Vishaka said you arranged this party, whom did you call to scare me. Omkar said I am scared due to my daughter, Vishaka said I gave you last time to stay peacefully with Mayura. Omkar said my story will end tomorrow, I will not do anything as it can be dangerous for my daughter. Vishaka said I will see you later and left.

Vishaka talked to the lawyer and asked if he is sure that nobody came there. Lawyer said nobody came here. Vishaka thinks if Omkar is trying to break her courage and think of Vishal’s trophies. She thinks she had hidden it. Omkar thanked Sanjay for his help. Sanjay asked do you really think that your plan will work.

Shankar said Vishaka is doubtful on you. Omkar said I will trap her in Maya jaal that she will be too stressed and will tell her truth to Mayura. Shankar hoped this comes true. Mayura came out of the haveli and thinks whom Vishaka had seen, she was behaving as if she saw a ghost. She thinks to go to Vishaka and check on her.

Megha came to Vishaka’s room and got something. Mayura came there and found Megha. She asked what are you doing here, Megha said I was going to my room. Mayura found something falling in Omkar’s room and run there. She went there and found a jug broken. She moved the glass to the side and said that she will send someone to clean it. Mayura got hurt by the glass piece and shouted. Omkar asked if she is fine?

Mayura said yes, her leg was sprained and she goes. Omkar touched Mayura’s blood on the ground. Megha came there and said she has brought Vishaka’s laptop. Omkar said once I find Tara, I will tell everything to Mayura. He said tomorrow will be a special day for Vishaka.

Mayura asked Vishaka to check the presentation. Vishaka said it is absolutely ready, I have checked. Mayura told her that they used beauty in the start, but now I want to believe on my hard work and not on fake make up. Vishaka asked her to go and inform someone that they are ready. She said I have done a lot of hard work and shall get the fruit, Omkar will confess his truth to Mayura.

Mayura connected to the client via video call and said Vishaka ji will show the presentation, while I will explain it. Vishaka found Vishal’s pics changing in her laptop and got shocked. Omkar stood outside and smiled. Mayura asked Vishaka if she is fine? Vishaka found Maya Marbles slide and asked her to start.

Vishaka said I am doing, she found the display on her screen, how did you let me die di, I was your younger brother…She shouted reading it. Mayura rushed to Vishaka and asked the guard to take her to her room. Shankar and Megha came there. Mayura said she is panicking, she apologized to the client and told him that she will get back to him. She thinks to check Vishaka’s laptop and checked it.

Precap: Vishaka told Mayura that it’s Omkar behind whatever is happening with her. Mayura asked why would he do that? How would he do that? Vishaka told her that one day she will find out Omkar’s truth…Read more

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