Finally, Mayura Meets Her Tara. Cage Of Beauty 25 October 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 147


The Episode started with Tara coming to Mayura and left seeing someone like Omkar. She called Papa, but couldn’t find him. Manjari was also searching for Tara. Mayura prayed to God and placed down a coin as per the mannat, but it was about to fall as she left. Omkar came there and placed the coin back, praying for the person, whoever had done the mannat/wish. Mayura prayed to Mata Rani for Tara and was about to tie the chunari of her name, when it flew and fell on the tree where Tara was standing.

A car is coming towards Tara and the driver asked her to move as his car brakes failed. Mayura run to save Tara, she took her from the tree to safety. Just then the chunari fell on Tara and mayura. They looked at each other and Tara fainted. Mayura panicked and asked if anyone knows about this girl’s parents. Omkar became worried and asked Manjari, how she can leave her hand, she was so small, he became very worried.

Akhilesh came to Mayura. Mayura told him that they have to take the girl to the City hospital and asked him to inform Pandit ji about the girl. They took her to the hospital, while Omkar prayed for Tara and searched for her desperately. Omkar shouted Tara. The Doctor told them that the girl was in shock and asked Mayura if she is her mother. Pandit ji came to Omkar and told him that his daughter was standing alone on the road, when she was about to meet with the accident, but was rescued.

He said some good family have taken her to City hospital as she fainted due to shock and Omkar rushed to the hospital. Manjari thinks what if Akhilesh took her. Tara said Mamma in an unconscious state. Mayura became concerned for her and kissed her forehead. The Doctor said only a mother can care like this. Mayura said I am not her mother, Akhilesh said her parents were in the temple and they must be coming.

Omkar reached the hospital with Manjari and asked about his daughter. The Receptionist asked him to fill the form and he shouted at her. The Doctor came there and asked if he is the father of the girl who met with an accident outside the temple and Omkar said yes. The Doctor asked him to come.

Mayura sent Akhilesh home and said she will come after her parents come there. Tara gained consciousness and asked Mayura if she is an Angel Godmother, as her mother has become a star and had sent her. Mayura became emotional, knowing she has no mother and hugged her. Tara asked if this doll was sent by my mother. Mayura said yes. The guy cleaning the floor asked Omkar to wait as they are cleaning the floor. Omkar and the others stopped. Akhilesh went from the other side.

Omkar said he can’t wait and started walking. Mayura asked her about her name. Tara asked if the mother didn’t tell her and Mayura said no. Tara was about to tell her, but rather told her that she was feeling hungry. Mayura said she will take her to the canteen and they will have food. She asked the Nurse to inform her parents. Omkar and Manjari came there. The Nurse told them that Madam took her to the canteen and Manjari scolded her. Omkar said I can’t leave the person separating me from my daughter.

Mayura and Tara were in the canteen. Tara asked if she can eat this yummy food. Mayura said yes, obviously, this are all healthy. Tara told her that, Papa said that it is unhealthy and makes the skin dull, she has never eaten outside food. Mayura said it is healthy food, you can eat. Tara asked her to make her eat it and they fed each other. Mayura thinks, if my Tara would have been with me, then she would have fed me with her little hands.

Tara told Mayura that she was born here and Mayura said same as me. Tara said we both are the same and Mayura said yes. Tara asked for apple juice, Mayura said I will bring it from the vending machine and asked her to be there. Tara said Angel God mother, you are lovely and today is the best day of my life, as I met you. Mayura also said the same thing and kissed her hand. She said I will be back and left.

Omkar came there and found Tara sitting there. He asked if she is fine and asked why did you leave Dadi’s hand. Tara said sorry Papa and Omkar hugged her. Manjari also hugged them. Omkar said sorry and said where is that person who left you here. Tara said Angel Godmother, don’t tell her anything, she is good. Manjari said we shall leave from here.

Tara said she wants to say bye to Angel Godmother. Omkar asked her to listen to him and come home. Tara said Angel Godmother showed me a doll. Mayura came there and asked the Nurse about them. The Nurse said the girl’s family is took her. Mayura said I have to say bye to her and give the juice to her. She walked behind them to stop them but it was in vain…Read more

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