Mayura Goes After Tara. Cage Of Beauty 25 October 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 148


The Episode started with Mayura trying to stop them, A guard told her that she can’t meet the girl. Mayura said I brought her to the hospital. The guard said they don’t need anyone. Mayura asked him to give her the juice at least. He said ok. Manjari told Omkar that he has taken the right decision to return now. Tara came downstairs and asked why are you going so soon. Omkar said I have some urgent work. She said she wants to meet the Angel Mother. Omkar said Angel Mother will come there too, as written in the book.

She asked really? He said yes and asked her to pack all her toys. He said he doesn’t want her Maa or any Angel mother near her. Mayura told Surekha that the girl called her Angel Mother and said her daughter must be of that girl’s age. Surekha said I prayed in the temple for your daughter. Akhilesh asked Mayura not to search her daughter in that girl. Mayura said she wants to meet that girl for one last time, and said she is feeling as if something is left incomplete. She said she wants to meet her once.

Omkar, Manjari and Tara were about to leave their house, when Tara fainted and Omkar shouted Tara. Mayura prayed for her daughter and that girl. Omkar asked what happened to my daughter. The Doctor said we have to get her tests done. Manjari said we have flights booked,the Doctor said the girl’s condition is bad, how can you take her now. She asked Omkar to show Tara to Dr. Khanna, who came for 2 days here.

She said Tara will be perfectly fine, just meet him once. Akhilesh asked Mayura not to worry about the girl and said you can never meet her. Mayura said I can just hope that mata Rani makes me meet that girl at least. Omkar told Manjari that they will be here until Tara recovers. Mayura found the flower dropping from Mata Rani’s photo frame garland and smiled.

Tara rejoiced that they were not going. Omkar asked her to finish the food first else they will return. Tara said she will have food and said that Angel Mother fed her food with her hand. Manjari came and said if her real Maa comes there. Omkar said nobody will talk about our real names in the hospital. I talked to the doctor also.

Omkar and Manjari came to the hospital with Tara. Tara told them that Angel Mother will come and meet her there. Omkar thinks who is she? Manjari showed Mayura’s pic to her guards and asked them not to let Mayura or her family come to the hospital and showed their pics to them. Dr. Khanna met Omkar and Tara and Tara hid behind him. Doctor told them that he has to talk to the girl for the right diagnosis.

Mayura asked the Nurse about the girl whom she had brought the previous day. The Nurse told her that they don’t want to reveal their identity. Mayura said she just wants to say bye to the girl, nothing else. The Doctor told Omkar that if he doesn’t want to, then he can’t treat her. Mayura asked the Nurse not to tell her if her job is at risk. The Nurse said I can just tell you that the girl is here right now.

The Lady doctor assured Omkar that she will be with them. Manjari informed Omkar that she heard about floods coming soon. Dr. Khanna asked Tara what she likes. Tara said that she likes to play with kids and go out, but her Papa doesn’t want to take her out. The Lady Doctor told Mayura that she can meet the girl when the girl’s father allows her. Mayura said I will take his permission. The doctor took Tara out as she wanted to go out. Omkar came back and asked the lady doctor about Tara. The Lady doctor said Dr. Khanna has taken her out.

Omkar came out and yelled at Doctor, held his collar, asking how dare he bring his daughter out. The Doctor said she stays unwell as you don’t let her come out and mingle with kids, stopping her growth. Omkar shouted at him again, the Doctor said you may be rich, but I am Tara’s doctor, you came here for her treatment. Omkar asked how dare you say all that in front of my daughter. Tara asked him not to scold the Doctor and said he is really good.

She cried seeing him shouting and walked backwards. Omkar then continued to argue with the doctor. Tara then sat in a truck. Mayura watched her sitting in the truck from inside the hospital and rushed out. She run after the speedy truck. Omkar, Manjari and the Doctor found Tara missing. Omkar shouted at Manjari for her careless behavior. Tara shouted asking the truck driver to stop the truck. She hoped Angel Mother saves her. Mayura run behind the truck asking him to stop, but she fell down on the road…Read more

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