Mayura Challenges Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 26 August 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 69


The episode started with a man coming to greet Omkar and Mayura looked at him. He seaw her shadow in th glass and went there but Mayura run. Omakr said why do I feel like Mayura is around?

Manjali said we have to do the turban ritual, come and Omkar went with her. Mayura said time to go out and slap you, Omkar sat on the throne and Sanjay came there. Omkar hugged him and said you are wrong. Mayura danced with the women in front of her.

Mayura then came on stage and Omkar saw her face, everyone was also shocked. Shankar said,the right time has come. Manjali said what are you doing here? You left my son, what do you want now? What else would you take? Omkar said why are you here?

Mayura said maa ji take this turban, I have asked for your pardon and you forgave me as well so I came back home. To start and complete incomplete things, you are my destination,so please accept my first effort, I will always stay here in front of the world, you love me a lot.

everyone knows that, you told me I will come back when I realize my mistake, so I am here. Manjali said Omi keep cool, there’s media and people. Mayura said if you weren’t there, I won’t realize who am I?

People say it’s better that she came back, she is back now. Mayura sat at his feet and said give me a place in your feet if not in your arms. MAyura scratched his foot so much that it bled but no one could see it.

Mayura said your wife is at your feet, please forgive me, I can rub my nose, please forgive me, I am asking for pardon like I did in the temple and all the people request Omkar to forgive her. Mayura said you love me so much but Omkar said go away from here and Manjali said we will see her later.

Shankar then picked Mayura. Shankar said I have to help her, this girl insulted my son, defamed our house, she should be punished,she will tie the turban on his head and show that she wants to apologize to him.

Mayura said, that would be a pride for me, It will bring love and respect back in our relationship. I am so lucky, she then took the turban from Manjali. Manjali held Omkar’s hand by force and said sit. Shankar said now she will tie the turban.

Dadi said I went for pooja and you guys told her to go and take revenge? Instead of telling her to ask for forgiveness, that should have been done. Surekha said we did what was right. Dadi said Megha was right, you are all idiots.

Ashu said she’s our daughter, we are with her in all her decisions, she has the right to live her life with her choices. Dadi said then we don’t have anything to do with her, Surekha said don’t prove the phrase, women are women’s enemy.

We saw her strength and it gave us courage too, we will be with her in her fight, we will encourage her. This is our decision, now you can decide which side you are on.

Shankar said clap for your sangemarmar and Mayura said you are so nice. People think I am here to ask for your forgiveness and sit at your feet but they don’t know I am here to ruin your life. She then tied the turban upside down and Shankar said well done.

Mayura said I was stuck in this marriage, now your countdown has started, so many promises of revenge need to be made, they will be more than 7, I promise I will ruin your life, the pain you have caused us.

I will give it to you every day, I will insult you every day, I will destroy your crown. Shankar played the drums and Mayura said I will make you pay for all your sin, the pain you have given us will sit on your head, your head will have a crown of thorns, no more tears. Everyone clapped for her and she went downstairs.

Mayura came to the corridor and recalled Omkar locking her in a cage and scarring her face. Shankar said beti.. Mayura said papa.. and touched his feet. There were scars on his feet. Mayura said these are chain scars? Did he tie you with chains? And now he brought you out because he needed you?

He said it’s nothing in front of what you had to do, I was only worried for you and Piyush, he was a diamond, I hope he lives in peace, I am with you and gave her a cutter and Mayura said I will keep it safe. He gave her blessings and said you will win.

Mayura came to her room and recalled being there with Omkar. She saw her old self, It said Mayura you won’t give it, It will hurt you to be here, you will stay steadfast.

Omkar came there and said this is my room. What are you doing here? Mayura said come in. Wife and husband live in the same room, It’s our room, don’t worry, pain will stay in your life as long as I am here and she Mayura laughed.

Mayura locked Omkar in a cage. Omkar said Mayura let me out.. I am suffocating here,but Mayura said, all cages suffocate even if they are made of gold, It’s your time to be caged now…Read more

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