Mayura Saves Tara From Heavy Storm. Cage Of Beauty 26 October 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 149


The Episode started with Mayura shouting asking the driver to stop the tempo. Tara saw her and called her Angel Mother. The Driver stopped the tempo, Tara ran to Mayura and hugged her. Omkar was worried for Tara as the storm was about to come. Mayura shouted for help, but nobody stopped the car. Omkar searched for Tara. Mayura and Tara hid in a round tunnel/pipe, to save themselves from the storm.

Mayura tried to call, but there was no network. A tree log fell on the tunnel and Tara hugged Mayura. Akhilesh came to the hospital, the Doctor informed him that she hasn’t seen his daughter since the girl went missing and Mayura shouted for help. Omkar came to the jungle, but he was stopped by the Police due to the storm.

Omkar told Police that his daughter is missing and he has to go and search for her. Manjari asked the Receptionist to show the CCTV footage of the hospital and said if I don’t get my Tara then we will ruin this hospital. Akhilesh heard her and became happy, said that girl is Tara, my daughter’s daughter, my grand daughter.

Mayura tried to push the tree branches. Tara asked Mayura if her Mamma might have worn earrings like her. Mayura said yes. She asked didn’t you see her pic? Tara said I didn’t see and asked if her Mamma is like her. Mayura said your Mamma must be very beautiful than me. Tara touched her scar and asked if it hurt. Mayura said no, and told her that her heart hurts more. Tara asked if someone had hit her here.

Omkar met with an accident. Tara told Mayura that her mark makes her special and she looks pretty with it. Mayura asked didn’t you get scared? Tara said no and Mayura hugged her. Omkar got down from the car after the accident. Mayura asked where did she learn such sweet talks? Tara said her Mamma must have taught her before birth. Mayura asked about her name. Tara told her that her Papa calls her Angel and Pari.

Omkar thinks Tara will not tell anyone about her name. Tara asked Mayura to ask her mother. Mayura said next time she will ask her mother. She asked about his father’s name and Tara said Papa. She said I will call you Pari Maa. Mayura shouted for help, Omkar heard her voice and told his men to search for who was shouting for help.

Manjari was watching the CCTV footage. Mayura tried to push the tree from the pipe, Omkar met the driver. The Driver told him that he had dropped the girl when her mother came. Omkar said she has no mother and asked, where did you drop her?

Tara paniced and told her that she is feeling unwell. Mayura sang song for her and hugged her but Tara fainted. Akhilesh bribed the peon and he later made tea poured on the CCTV. He heard Manjari talking to Omkar, Mayura managed to push the tree. Omkar reached there and found Tara’s doll and also saw blood on the tree branch.

He shouted Tara…Mayura came to a shop and thinks Tara fainted due to dehydration. She asked the shop keeper to give some water to the girl and he did. Mayura made Tara have it and tried to make her gain consciousness. Meanwhile the shop keeper and Mayura heard about the alert of Tara. Mayura called the given number and Omkar answered the call. Mayura asked him to come there and said his daughter is with her. Omkar came there to take Tara. Mayura and Omkar tried to look at each other as the heavy wind continued…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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