Omkar & Mayura Enjoys Together. Cage Of Beauty 26 September 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 109


The Episode started with Omkar thinking about Neil’s words that Mayura has forgotten the important phase of her life. He cried and thinks Mayura’s family haven’t told her as they hate him, as he troubled Mayura and them a lot. He said how to make her remember me and make them believe that I have changed now, I am Mayura’s Omkar now. He thinks to inform Mayura, her family and Neil. He then thinks he can’t put her in danger for his happiness.

He said what could be good than her being alive and in front of me, if I tell her the truth then they will take her away from me, destiny might want Mayura to forget her Omkar. He sat down on the floor and cried. Mayura came to him and asked him why he is sitting on the floor? She said I will take you to the bed. She helped him get up and made him sit on the bed. Her chain got stuck in his clothes. She freed it and apologized to him for taking him wrong.

She said I hope that you will forgive me and asked him to say something. Omkar said I did wrong with you and asked can you forgive me for my actions. Mayura asked for what are you apologizing to me for. She said I have forgiven you and asked him to press the bell button for help. She asked do you need anything for now? He said no.

Mayura was about to go, when he called her name. Mayura became restless hearing her name from his mouth. He thanked her and Mayura said no problem. He smiled and thinks what I was thinking, if destiny didn’t want us to meet then it wouldn’t have made us meet, but we met, destiny wants me to win her heart again and said that Mayura will realize that he has become that Omkar whom she wants to love.

Mayura was sleeping and saw in a dream, how Omkar tried to make her remember him. She got up shockingly and found Omkar sitting on her bed. She asked why are you staring at me as if you know me. She turned and found him not there. She realized it was her imagination. Omkar waited for Mayura and thinks when will she come. Mayura thinks to go and check on Omkar, when she collides with Neil and fell in his embrace.

The nurse asked Omkar to sit on the bed. Omkar thinks to meet Mayura before she goes. Mayura said sorry. Neil asked where she was going? Mayura said she was going to see yesterday’s patient? Neil said he is recovering after the hard slap and teased her. Mayura said again the hospital food is bad. Neil said it is a matter of one day, just have it for now. He said I have convinced uncle that it is very difficult for her to travel now. He asked her to find out why he doesn’t want to stay in Bhopal.

Aishwarya talked to her mother while leaving in the car and told her that she is doubtful about Mayura. She found Mayura’s Dadi fighting with the auto driver along with her mother and thinks Mayura must be with them. Mayura was in the hospital and thinks she wants to fulfill her dream and treat the patients.

She said she doesn’t want to leave Bhopal and delay her dream. She thinks to talk to her Papa about it and thinks if the reason for his fear is her or something else. Omkar came out of his ward and saw her standing, keeping her hand on her scar. He thinks he has no right to stop her and or thinks what to do. Mayura then started walking.

Dadi checked and asked where is the big brinjal which I brought for the bharta. Just then Aishwarya threw the brinjal on the plate and entered. She asked did you become shocked? Dadi said you are here. Mayura was still in the hospital and Omkar was looking at her. Aishwarya asked dadi and surekha to clap and asked them to tell her, where did they hide her?

She said it is clear on your face that she is here and told them that she is a champion in the hide and seek game. She said she will search for her and stamp on her. Omkar hit himself on the tray which the ward boy was taking and injured his hand, while thinking of what to do?

Mayura rushed to him and asked why did you injure your hand and took him to the ward. She took him to the room and said she will call the nurse. Omkar said don’t call anyone, I don’t need anyone and Mayura looked at him.

Aishwarya called Mayura. Surekha asked how dare you come here and asked her to leave. Dadi said I will call the police. Aishwarya threatened them and said she will do what she wants. She thinks, she can get clues about Mayura in this house. She went inside the room and looked shocked.

Aishwarya misbehaved with the receptionist for admitting Omkar. Mayura found her voice familiar. Aishwarya and Mayura were then about to see her…Read more

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