Omkar To Win Mayura Back. Cage Of Beauty 26 September 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 110


The Episode started with Mayura caring for Omkar’s hand injury and looking at him. Omkar also looked at her. She applied ointment to his hand and said it is good that you got else you would have got the scar on your hand. Omkar told her that real beauty is in the behavior and not in the face. Mayura turned her face and became restless. Neil came there and said Mayura…you are here? He asked if she was bored and that’s why came there.

Mayura said he injured his hand, that’s why am putting ice and ointment on his hand. Neil asked Omkar if he loves the hospital and asked him to take care. Omkar said tea fell down on his hand. Neil said uncle is coming to get you discharged and tell you that you are freed from the hospital cage. Omkar said so early.

Neil said yes and told Omkar that he has some internal injuries in the CT scan, they have to look into it. Omkar said sorry to Mayura. Mayura said ok, take care. Neil asked her to come. Omkar thinks Mayura can’t go from here.

Aishwarya saw garland on Mayura’s photo frame and smiled. Surekha asked what are you doing here, you already snatched our daughter along with Omkar. Dadi also scolded her and Aishwarya left. Akhilesh came there and said that he had seen her there and that’s why he came home and managed everything.

Neil asked Mayura to sign the discharge papers, uncle must be coming. Omkar prayed to Bappa and requested him to stop Mayura from going far from him. He asked him to give him a chance to win her heart, and said if she separates from me this time then her family will never let her unite with me. He asked him to do some miracle and stop Mayura from going. Mayura took the pen in her hand. Nisha came there and asked Mayura to stop.

She told Dr. Neil that Uncle wants to talk to you. Neil took the call and left. Nisha told her that your dadi and mom went to Megha, as she had flu and that’s why they went there. She said uncle wants her to stay in the hospital. Omkar was still doing the aarti. Nisha asked why she didn’t tell her and asked if she thinks that she will flirt with Dr. Neil.

Mayura said she is not made for Dr. Neil, she wants someone seeing whom her heart beats faster and she feels as if she can’t live without him. Aishwarya got a call from Bali. Neil asked Mayura to start her homeopathy practice in the hospital. Nisha said she will try on Neil. Omkar prayed to God to give him a chance so that he can apologize to Mayura. Mayura came there and said tathastu.

He asked if she didn’t go. Mayura asked if he was praying for her to go,she said due to some reasons, I will be here for 2-3 days and Omkar smiled. Mayura prayed to God. She stepped on water and fell in his embrace. Aishwarya came to the hospital and shouted at the receptionist for admitting her husband here, without his family’s consent. She asked where is my husband? Omkar and Mayura looked at her.

Omkar thinks he can’t let Aishwarya know about Mayura and said if she comes to know then she can try to kill Mayura or hurt her. Mayura said I have seen her somewhere and said I will see her. Aishwarya asked where is my husband? Mayura then walked towards her. Omkar thinks of Neil’s words that if her memory returns then it can be harmful to her life. He thinks he can’t let her meet Aishwarya, if she remembers everything then?

Aishwarya asked the receptionist to talk. Neil said enough and asked her to see the maintain silence board outside. Omkar kept his hand on Mayura’s mouth and hid with her. Aishwarya thinks he is a good looking doctor, rich and smart and held his hand. Neil asked her to leave his hand and asked the Nurse to make her meet her husband.

Mayura asked Omkar what is this misbehavior? Omkar said sorry and told that he thought that she was angry and that girl was angry too. Mayura scolded him and said you came close to me, don’t know what you were about to do with me. She warned him and said I know how to handle such guys. Omkar said how many guys have you handled so far?

Mayura said if needed then I will start with you. Omkar said I didn’t intend to trouble you. Mayura asked if that girl was the serial killer that you saved me from her. She said she knows how to take care of herself,she fell again and they looked at each other.

Mayura told Omkar that he is a very good guy and didn’t hate her scarred face. Omkar said truth is that I gave you this scar…Read more

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