Mayura To Pay Back Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 27 October 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 151


The Episode started with Mayura telling Omkar that she is Dr. Khanna’s assistant and asked if he identified her. Omkar said we are meeting for the first time, so how will I identity you. He asked her to come inside. Mayura came inside and recalled Omkar telling her that his daughter gets scared seeing her mark on her face. Manjari asked Tara to have food but Tara refused. Mayura saw her and became emotional. She said my daughter.

Omkar then asked Tara to see who had come to meet her. He asked Mayura to take care of his daughter. Manjari said so she is the one and made an ugly face seeing her dusky complexion. She said I will take care of my Tara, send her back. Tara came to Mayura and looked at her face. Mayura recalled Akhilesh asking her to rethink.

Mayura said every pain is less than this. Dadi asked what will you do there?. Tara said you are very beautiful. Omkar said Tara went to her easily and it doesn’t seem like they are meeting for the first time, the nurse is good.

Mayura told Tara that her mother has sent her to take care of her and asked her not to tell anyone. Tara said ok and hugged her. Manjari asked Tara to go to her room and tried to convince Omkar not to hire her. Mayura said I will take care of your daughter. Manjari asked why? Mayura said she needed the job. Just then a servant dropped a water bucket by mistake, Mayura saw it about to fall on Tara and ran to save her.

Omkar then took Tara from her. Mayura realized her make up came out and hid her face with a handkerchief. Manjari asked Omkar not to hire her but he told her that he will hire her. Mayura then did make up on her face again. Manjari came there and checked her bag, saying she is doubtful that she could be a thief. Mayura refused to show her purse to her. Omkar came there and asked her to show it.

Manjari then threw the things on the floor. Manjari asked him to pick the picture from the floor. He picked it and said it is of Mata rani,he apologized to her and left. Mayura called Akhilesh and asked if he has taken the pic of Tara,he said yes. She said our plan will be successful and she will be with us tomorrow.

Tara refused to have food when Omkar and Manjari tried to feed her. Mayura came there wearing white dress with a Tiara like an angel and Tara finished the food. Manjari asked how do you know that Tara likes Pari Maa. Mayura said Dr. Khanna had told me.

Mayura came to the kitchen and asked the Servant why she was boiling milk at that time. The Servant said everyone drinks milk at this time. Mayura asked her for water, while the Servant turned to get water for her, she added medicine in the milk. Manjari called Guru maa and asked her to tell if the caretaker is good by seeing her pic which she will send soon and Gurumaa agreed. Mayura saw Manjari drinking the milk and sleeping while Omkar was about to drink his and she looked on.

Precap: Mayura came to Manjari’s room later in the night and took Tara out. Omkar came there and saw Mayura taking Tara outside and became shocked…Read more

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