Mayura Takes Tara Away. Cage Of Beauty 27 October 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 152


The Episode started with Mayura coming to Manjari’s room later in the night. Manjari said I will not leave you, Mayura realized she was talking in sleep and turned to sleep. Mayura took Tara onto her lap and said that nobody can separate her from her. Omkar thinks nobody works well in this house, keep the glass of milk as it is not hot. Mayura told Akhilesh that she is leaving from here and asked what about the outside guards.

Akhilesh said they are unconscious, come out soon. Mayura recalled Omkar’s words. Omkar thinks to go and see Tara once. Mayura thinks neither me nor my daughter will stay here. Omkar went to Manjari’s room and found her sleeping alone. He shouted Tara….where are you? He then called the guards. Mayura became tensed and hid there, the guards gained consciousness hearing him and Omkar scolded them for sleeping. Manjari also woke up and called Tara.

Mayura thinks, it will be a problem if Tara wakes up and there the light went off. Mayura thinks, this is the right time to go. Omkar went to check the fuse and switched on the lights and came back. They saw Shankar coming there, Manjari smiled seeing him. Shankar asked where is Tara? I came as I was missing her. Manjari said she is sure that Dr. Khanna’s helper is behind this and Omkar shouted Ms. Nayan.

Manjari said there is no reply from her. Mayura came there and asked if there was Mata Rani’s Jagrata and said I didn’t know. Manjari asked her to tell them where Tara is and asked what did you do with her. Mayura said I came to take care of Tara and not to get myself insulted, first you accused me of theft and now kidnapping,why will I kidnap her, she was sleeping with you. Omkar said I just need my daughter and asked where she is?

Tara came there and said Papa. Omkar said I was searching for you everywhere. Tara said she had fallen down from the bed and got under it due to rolling. Shankar called Tara and she run to him. Shankar said he will take care of Tara as they can’t. Manjari showed doubt on Nayan. Omkar blamed Manjari and said my Tara would have gotten hurt, I will not bear this.

Mayura thinks she couldn’t bring her daughter out of the pinjara. She got a call from Akhilesh and he asked her why she didn’t come out. Mayura said Omkar didn’t drink the milk. Akhilesh asked her to come out and said we will hire a lawyer to fight the case. Mayura said that will not work as Omkar will go out of the country.

Shankar showed the doll to Tara. Tara told him that she likes it, but likes her Pari Maa more. She said that Pari Maa has sent this nurse to take care of me. Manjari came there and asked will you both scold me? Shankar said no. Manjari wonders if something was mixed in the milk, but Omi also drank the same milk, but he was awake.

Mayura prayed to Mata Rani and asked God not to let her go empty handed. Shankar came there, Mayura said she has some work. Shankar said you can change your face and voice, but a father will always identify his daughter and he apologized to her but Mayura said no Papa ji. Omkar woke Tara up and said the Servant will get her ready. Mayura told Shankar that she is upset with him, although he saved her last night from Omkar. She said didn’t you think of calling me for the past 7 years.

Shankar said I tried to call you and also tried to elope with Tara many times, but Omkar’s men caught me and he made me away from her for 2 years. Omkar asked where is Papa? Manjari said he must be downstairs. Shankar apologized to Mayura. Mayura asked if Tara is happy? Shankar said Tara was always in the locked room and she has no friends, she has never gone out, never looked at the stars etc, she never complained and asked her to tell Tara that she is her mother. Mayura said this is not the right time, don’t know how she will take it.

Omkar came there and asked how dare you to betray me? Shankar said you are taking me wrong. Omkar took off his headphone and asked if he was saying something. Shankar asked who betrayed you,Omkar said the factory workers. Shankar said I was talking to the new nurse. Omkar said I have done all the enquiry, Mayura told Shankar that she wants to fill Tara’s life with happiness, using Omkar and Manjari’s tactics…Read more

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