Omkar Reveals The Truth To Mayura. Cage Of Beauty 27 September 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 112


The Episode started with Mayura talking to Nisha on the phone and told him so much and asked how do I tell him sorry. Nisha asked her to take a heavy breath and say him sorry. Mayura went to his ward, closed her eyes and said sorry for her bad behavior and opened her eyes. Omkar came from behind her and said he doesn’t want her sorry.

She asked him to accept her apology. He said he doesn’t want it. She fell down on the bed and Omkar held her. He said before she scolds him again, he wants to tell her that she fell herself and holding his fractured hand.

Mayura asked why you were moving in front and asked him to keep his finger on his lips, she then asked him to accept her apology. She said you are not as bad as I thought and he said I am not cheap. She said yes, you are really a good person. Omkar recalled Mayura asking him to become a good person before falling down in the valley and told him that he became good because of someone.

Mayura said a person becomes good if he is scared or is in love. She said she feels that he loves someone. Omkar said yes, I love someone very much. Mayura said she has some important work. Omkar said I am a good person. Mayura asked did you say something? Omkar said no, you told…….

Aishwarya informed Manjali that Omkar is in the hospital and asked her not to be worried. Manjali was worried for him. Aishwarya said he is going to the village for inspection. Manjali said he is not going to the village,he will go and search for Mayura. Shankar told Manjali that they shall go? Aishwarya thinks if she tells then more then they will take her with them. She was about to see Sanskranti pic, but Manjali scolded her and took her with her. Mayura and Nisha’s pic was also there.

Mayura asked Omkar to wait and said she will check the patient. Omkar saw the burnt patient ward. In the other hospital, Neil checked the patients who were admitted for the burns. A doctor asked him to admit the patient in his hospital. Neil said no and asked him to give the best of treatment to the patient. Mayura talked to the patient and motivated her. The patient told her that her body is scarred due to the injuries.

Omkar came there and said these scars and marks, will remind you how you defeated death and made life won. He said these will depict the story of your bravery. Mayura became impressed with him. Omkar said these scar and marks will become your inspiration and your strength will become doubled. He asked her to ask the retired soldier, how he wears the scar as the medal which he gets during the war.

He said soldiers feel proud of the scar, we too deal with life situations like this, the warrior gets the scar, today you are hating it, but one day you will feel proud of it, a coward or scared person don’t get any scar. Mayura looked at him, became impressed and placed her hand on her scar.

Akhilesh imagined Omkar scarring on Mayura’s other face and woke up shockingly. He told Surekha that they have to go and leave the city. Surekha asked him to bring Mayura home. Mayura told Omkar that whatever he said, she never thought about it. She showed the scar on her face and said you had said that there is a story behind every scar, I didn’t know the story but whenever I see it, I feel strange and restless, my courage breaks even though I try to be strong. Omkar recalled attacking her with the marble.

She said when a girl is scarred, then it scars her soul also and said she prays to Mata Rani to make her remember, how she got it. She said she got inspiration to see the scar with a different view, doctors are habitual to see the scars and that’s why Dr. Neil never got affected with my scar, even my family.

She said outsiders always made fun of my scar and the people don’t have anything other than hatred for it but after hearing you, I thought that your thinking is different from everyone and I can see my scar from a different perspective, it gives me a special identity and makes me special.

She said I thought you were wrong Omkar ji, and you always saw me and didn’t see my scar, the truth is that, when you talked to me for the first time and the way you looked at me, I thought that I am a normal girl even with this scar, you are a good person Omkar ji.

Omkar asked her not to say that. Mayura said why not tell you this and went on praising him that he doesn’t see beauty, but qualities. You are a good person and good at heart too, you never saw my scar with hatred. Omkar got teary eyes and said this goodness and this sight are all fake.

The truth is that I was the one who scarred your face. Mayura became shocked and moved back. Omkar then cried. Mayura said no. Omkar said this is the truth, I gave you this scar and the pain, and that’s why I didn’t talked to you about it, this is my guilt and I am not a good person but the worst person in the world.

Mayura told Omkar that he is a creep, he spoilt her life. She told him not to show his face to her ever again,she hates him. In the morning, he came to her room and didn’t see her. He wondered where she went that early and searched for her in the hospital…Read more

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