Vishaka Sees Vishal’s Ghost. Cage Of Beauty 28 November 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 187


The Episode started with Mayura checking Vishaka’s computer and thinks why did she panic? Omkar talked to Sanjay and he asked Omkar not to worry and said that the engineer told him that the display will come for few seconds and then will go. Megha and the guard took Vishaka to her room. Vishaka said you are with Omkar and asked Megha to leave from her room. Megha told Mayura that Vishaka asked her to leave.

Mayura knocked on the door, but Vishaka didn’t open. Mayura talked to the client and apologized. Omkar came there and Mayura told him that she doesn’t know what Vishaka ji was saying, she was saying that he is dead, the Client calleld again. Omkar asked Mayura to handle the meeting alone in Vishaka’s absence, saying it is your time to support her. Mayura said ok and left. Shankar said I am feeling bad that Mayura is stressed.

Omkar said even I am not liking it either, I will tell my truth to her, or Vishaka’s truth will be exposed before my truth. Later Mayura came to Vishaka and thanked her for coming out of the room. She asked her to have food and asked what is bothering her. She asked her to tell her, as she regards her as her sister.

Vishaka said you will not believe me, even if I tell you. She said I will tell you clearly and told her that Omkar is doing all this,he wants to make my mental balance lost. Mayura asked why Omkar will do and said he might do something in the party, but what about the laptop incident. Vishaka said I will tell you at the right time and told her that he has manipulated her laptop. Mayura said I had checked, there was just a presentation.

Omkar and Shankar were listening to their conversation. Omkar said you and your truth will be trapped and my Tara will be with me. Vishaka saw the dream and everything got flashed in front of her eyes. She woke up shockingly and found a hang rope outside her window hanging. She then found someone lying on the floor with bandage on his face and his eyes looking at her. Vishaka cried and thinks this can’t be possible.

Shankar and Megha took the hang rope which they were holding from the terrace. Mayura came there and asked Vishaka what happened? Vishaka said she found a rope and someone here. Mayura said nobody is here and Vishaka went out. Someone moved faster in front of her eyes and then from her back, Mayura came there. Vishaka said I have seen someone and asked Mayura to trust her.

Omkar came there and called Mayura asking why Vishaka ji was shouting. Vishaka said everything is being done by you but Mayura asked her to calm down. Vishaka said I will not leave you and again saw the guy in a pink shirt. Omkar said nobody is behind me and pretended to check using his stick. Vishaka threw a pot and it hit Omkar’s forehead.

Shankar asked what did she do to you? Why are you doing this? Mayura told Vishaka why she is reacting, when there is nothing here. Vishaka said I am seeing my dead brother here and told her that everything is planned by Omkar. Omkar said I don’t know her brother, why will I do this and he smiled.

Vishaka said Omkar is acting, I will not leave him. Mayura hugged Omkar to protect him from Vishaka. Shankar asked Vishaka to leave Omkar and said he didn’t do anything. Mayura asked the guard to take Vishaka from there. Vishaka said I will not leave Omkar. Mayura asked Omkar if he is fine. He said I am fine and asked what about you? Mayura said I am fine, said why is Vishaka blaming you?

Omkar said I didn’t know if she had any brother. Mayura said she will sit and talk to her. She said I will do your bandage and asked him to come. Shankar told Omkar that they shall leave from here. Omkar said how can we leave, leaving Mayura alone in this situation. Mayura said Papa ji is right and asked him to go but Omkar refused to go until Vishaka ji gets fine.

Mayura went to see Vishaka. Shankar said if Mayura comes to know that Vishaka is fine, being a doctor then…Omkar said I have asked Megha to handle her. Megha asked the guard not to open the door and said we don’t know whom she will hit. Mayura came there and told Vishaka that she will talk to her, and asked her to calm down and relieve her anger. Vishaka said I am relieved and asked her to open the door.

Megha gave her keys and Vishaka came out of the room. Mayura said sorry and gave her an injection and she fainted. Mayura said why she is seeing her dead brother and blaming Omkar. Megha found a medicine strip and showed it to Mayura. Mayura checked the medicine and said it shall not be taken without prescription, I didn’t know that she is taking these medicine and wondered if this is the reaction of this medicine. Megha told her that they shall take her to hospital but until she gains consciousness, she will be here.

Mayura told Omkar that she talked to a psychiatrist and she told her that Vishaka ji needs to be taken there. Omkar said I am with you. Mayura said when you took Tara with you, I went through that phase, i will take her. Omkar thinks Vishaka get ready for my next attack.

Precap: Vishaka saw someone’s shadow with a knife and got scared. She said, don’t kill my brother. She picked up a stick and said she won’t spare whoever tried to kill her brother. Mayura was standing nearby, she tried to hit her with the stick, but Omkar came in between and grabbed the stick.

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