Tara Chooses Mayura. Cage Of Beauty 28 October 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 153


The Episode started with Manjari asking Tara to come to her, as she wants to comb her hair. Tara refused and said she wants a good hairstyle. Mayura said she knows how to do a nice hair style, Manjari refused but Tara insisted. Mayura asked her to tell her wish and said that your Pari Maa will fulfill all your wishes. Tara said I have only one wish that Maa shall come to me, but Papa told me that my mother will never come to me.

Mayura said your wish will be fulfilled and asked her to wish something else for now. Tara asked if Pari Maa can give me friends as I have no friends. Mayura tied her hair and said you are looking like a beautiful princess. Omkar came and saw them hugging. He said Tara has mingled well with the nurse so nicely and he went to get Tara’s report.

Mayura tried to play with Tara but Manjari refused to let her play with her. Mayura the showed the countdown sign to Shankar, the door bell rang, Nisha came there in disguise of a school teacher. She said that her bus stopped on the way and there were wine bottles thrown outside your house. She asked what to do with the kids. Shankar said Omkar is not here right now, if he would have been here then he would have let the kids come inside.

Nisha whistled and the kids came there and Tara became scared. Mayura asked Tara to play with the kids, he kids also asked Tara to play with them and they started playing. The boy said Tara catch the ball. Omkar came there and asked what is happening here? Manjari said I didn’t do anything.

She blamed Mayura and said she let the kids come inside. Omkar said Dr. Khanna was praising you a lot, he stepped on a marbles and fell down. Mayura thinks, today her daughter’s smile got freed. Omkar asked the guards to take the kids out. Nisha asked the kids to take them out and they left. Tara told Omkar that she wants to play with them.

Omkar asked her to see what they have done with her house,Mayura hugged her, Manjari and Omkar then looked at her. Mayura said you have snatched your daughter’s happiness, what was her mistake.

Omkar recalled Mayura telling him that he was obsessed with her beauty and now about the baby and he said she was right. Mayura came to the room and played with Tara, she found Tara’s passport and took it. Manjari came there and sent Tara away. She said she will teach her a lesson and raised her hand on her, but Mayura stopped her and said don’t dare to do that.

She apologized to her and left. Manjari thinks she changes color like a squirrel. Mayura came out of the house and gave Tara’s passport to Akhilesh,Akhilesh then asked her not to flow in emotions. He said take her outside tomorrow. Mayura said yes and she left. Omkar took Tara out in his car. Shankar said Omkar doesn’t give her what she wants.

Mayura said pinjara is always a pinjara, even if it is of gold. Omkar asked about Manjari, Shankar said she has gone out. Mayura became sad. Omkar came back and told them that Tara wants Dadu and the Nurse to come with them. Shankar said he can’t go, Mayura refused but Tara insisted. Mayura thinks she got a chance to spend time with Tara…Read more

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