Mayura Regains Her Memory. Cage Of Beauty 28 September 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 114


The Episode started with Akhilesh asking Mayura to pack her bags and talk to Neil on the phone. Mayura said she will talk for 2 mins and come and Akhilesh became upset. Omkar got a dream about Mayura, asking him to search for her and that she will not stop. He woke up shockingly calling Mayura’s name, thinks why did I get such a dream. Mayura asked him to explain to her once, what is the matter?

Omkar tried to go out of the ward but the door was locked. Mayura said what could be the reason? Akhilesh said don’t you trust me, come with me. Omkar knocked on the door asking to open the door. Akhilesh then took Mayura from there. The Ward boy opened the door, Omkar came out and went to Mayura’s ward. He thinks if his dream has come true and thinks where is she? Mayura was in the car with Akhilesh.

She said mummy and Dadi are with Megha di and, I will make a video call, and see her. Akhilesh said we are going there and asked her to talk to her later. Mayura said you said that Megha di is angry with us. Akhilesh then stopped her from calling Megha. Mayura asked why is he looking stressed and asked if something is related to her accident and said I will understand. Akhilesh said there is nothing, Megha is unwell.

Mayura asked the driver to stop the car. Akhilesh asked why? The driver then stopped the car. Omkar enquired about Mayura in the hospital. A nurse said she must be in the hospital. He asked about Neil and she said he is busy. Omkar thinks to search for her. Mayura started walking and refused to come with Akhilesh. Akhilesh asked her to sit silently in the taxi and don’t do drama. Mayura said you are doing drama, not thinking about my dreams.

She said you wanted to take me out of Bhopal, that day too you wanted to take me out and that’s why I did drama to be unconscious. Akhilesh asked what? Mayura said even you are doing drama and asked him to explain to her, why did they come to Bhopal from Jabalpur and now going from there.

She told her that she got some flashes of her past which she couldn’t understand and asked him to tell what had happened in the past. She asked if I change the cities then how I will become an established doctor, until I get answers, I will not go,i will stay here, I want to know.

Omkar called Bali and asked him to send car. The ward boy came there and said Dr. Dubey went with her father. Omkar thinks, if he came to know about me,then that’s why he had taken her away. Mayura told Akhilesh that it was her dream to give free treatment to patients, now she got the investor Omkar ji. Akhilesh said omkar? He said I am your papa and you can’t snatch the right from me for taking your life decision.

Mayura asked him to just tell her the reason else she will take decisions of her life. Akhilesh said you are not big than me. He tried to take her but she fell down on the road infront of Omkar’s car. Omkar then stopped the car at the right time, run out to her and asked if she is fine. He then saw it was Mayura. Mayura said how come you are here? Omkar said I…Mayura asked him to take her to the hospital. Omkar was taking her.

Akhilesh shouted Minty and asked Omkar to leave his daughter and pushed him. He asked how dare you to touch my daughter. Omkar folded his hands and said listen to me for once. Akhilesh asked him to stop his drama and held his neck. Mayura asked him to stop and said he is already hurt, what happened to you.

Akhilesh asked her to come and held her hand. Omkar held her other hand and said I won’t let Mayura go this time. Akhilesh asked him to leave her hand. Omkar said I will die, but will not leave her hand and Mayura became shocked.

Akhilesh asked what do you want? Omkar said I just want a chance to clarify. Akhilesh said you are a sinner and said he will not give him any chance. Mayura asked how do you know Omkar ji. Omkar asked Mayura not to go. Omkar and Akhilesh were still holding her both hands. Akhilesh made him leave her hand and took him to the side. He said you have no right on Mayura,she is my daughter.

Omkar said she is my wife too, I also have right on her. Mayura became shocked and she got flashes of the past with Omkar. She got her memory back as everything was clear infront of her eyes. She fainted and fell down on the road. A truck came and moved near her. Omkar saw her unconscious and shouted Mayura. Akhilesh also run and asked him to move his hand. He then went to call the taxi driver. Omkar asked Mayura to open her eyes and lifted her. Akhilesh woke up the taxi driver and asked him to turn his taxi.

Just then he saw Omkar taking Mayura in his car. He also sat in the car and informed Dadi and Surekha on the way. Omkar lifted her and took her inside. He kept her on the stretcher and said nothing will happen to you. Akhilesh asked him to move his hand. Neil came there and asked what happened to her.

He said,the ward boy told me that you took her from here and Omkar went behind her. He said Mayura told me that she was stressed as you was taking her away from here, if there is something which I shall know to help her. Akhilesh said her bad past is resurfaced. Omkar asked Neil to save her. Neil said her BP is low and rushed her to the ICU. Omkar looked on with teary eyes.

Neil punched Omkar on the face and said he made a mistake. He said that Mayura’s parents told him everything and warned him not to come near Mayura and her family, else.. Omkar became furious and asked else what?…Read more

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